1. Free event in London for creatives on the 22nd July, hmu to come!
  2. What type of projects (and how many projects) do I need to add to a portfolio to get work as a UI Designer.
  3. looking for 3 Atheists in London who want to participate in a social experiment for a personal project. If interested please let me know.
  4. Looking for an assistant role temporary or part time / volunteer and unpaid roles are welcome too however paid roles would be preferable.
  5. Looking for painting and decorating apprenticeship or full time price or hourly rate work 20-25 hr . Pm if anyone needs a painter please .
  6. On the winter beach series
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  8. Does anyone have any suggestions on free and easy websites that can I can use as my portfolio
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  11. Free Brunch in Canary Wharf for people in Marketing, PR, Media & Communications
  12. Where I can find music videos casting call sheets for well known/big artists?
  13. Looking to speak to someone in their 20's who has had an abortion due to financial insecurity
  14. Any stylists here looking for an assistant?
  15. Looking for fellow Brighton based creatives of any disciplines (textiles/photog.) to create a community to discuss, share and collaborate !
  16. social media job full time 40hrs
  17. Does anyone know of any independent video game companies hiring musicians/composers? Currently looking for work.
  18. Hey photographers! I got questions. How did you find representation from a creative agency ? Did you find them, or did they find you?
  19. Any aspiring/entry level location scouts looking for work?
  20. I'm giving a video presentation at the *free* online Typism Summit about having the confidence to try new things. Find out more below...
  21. Looking to collaborate with a graphic designer on an ice cream shop design
  22. We are looking for a Middleweight Graphic Designer for a new amazing role we've got with one of of our fave clients.
  23. Amsterdam Creatives, there is a beautiful space and desk available for rent in the East available from Aug 1st (earlier if needed!)
  24. Is there a community for disabled creatives on the dots?