1. Wondering if you have any recommendations for a dedicated and reliable sponsorship/brand/ad sales manager or agency?
  2. Hi all, I'm a psychologist/business coach doing online coaching sessions. I help my clients face life & business challenges.
  3. Anyone within the 3D animation or Gaming industry looking to collab on a project for portfolio use? Hit me up.
  4. Hello – Is anyone looking for any web design work at the moment? I am readily available and would love to work on some new projects.
  5. HOOKJOURNAL.COM is looking for budding music writers interested in writing think pieces and long form content.
  6. Hello, i am looking for a graphic designer to help me create a logo for a company.
  7. Hello, I am looking for someone to help me with a Business plan! So if you know someone or a company i can contact. Please let me know!
  8. Available for Freelance -
  9. Just self-published "Oddservations" - know any publishers who might be interested in it?
  10. Is anyone interested in creating something for an online film festival? Check out the Hibernation Film Festival.
  11. What values matter most post Covid-19?
  12. Art directors/producers/creative directors, how do you generally discover new photographers?
  13. Anyone need a photo editor/researcher/producer at the moment? I am available. I normally work in travel books. Sadly, projects are freeze.
  14. Hello everyone :) I am interested into fashion design and textiles, but the budget is an issue. Any recommendations for online courses?
  15. Hello creatives! We're looking to organise an event "Erase the haterz: Learn the basics of Photoshop". Reach out if you want to be a speaker
  16. Anyone know of any websites that sell photographer's prints whilst respecting their work and paying fairly?
  17. Luxury fashion and culture editorial submissions for Online/Digital publication now!
  18. Hi All, I'm looking for freelancers that can help with Rotoscoping Animation and character animation. All recommendations welcome.
  19. Looking for an editorial hair stylist to collab with!!
  20. Does anyone have experience building Career, Recruitment & Hiring space? Copywriter, branding expert & UI/UX designers.
  21. Hi! I have 5 yrs of experience as an Associate prod. in film&Tv(India). I moved to London in Jan. and looking for work here. Any advice? Tx.
  22. Why did people stop wearing hats? Was there a decisive moment in history that made all people decide to go bareheaded? Any suggestions?
  23. Multilingual Channel Project Manager (Marketing/Sales), 5 years experience at Cisco, Executive MBA looking for a new challenge.
  24. I’m going live at 1pm GMT with @jamienealjn on Instagram.. discussing all things creative.. how is the landscape changing? @ashkhalliburton