1. Has anyone tried any of's paid front-end programming courses? Been thinking of buying one since I really loved their free one :)
  2. Black lives around the world matter even in the Fashion industry. Can anyone connect us to those interested in being part of BLM Movement?
  3. I am currently writing a blog post about sustainable vegan fashion. Anyone who is a designer that knows about fabrics and manufacturing?
  4. Is anyone looking for a sound designer?
  5. Has anyone completed a Digital Marketing Strategy short online course from UAL or something similar, just want to hear about experiences.
  6. Hi guys, freelance retoucher based in London. Looking for feedback and connections for future work and collaborations!
  7. Hey creatives! I've just started a Patreon account, I'll be sharing more of my design work! I'd love it you'd give it a follow (no cost ofc)
  8. What are your top tips/tools for learning a new language? (starting from level 0)
  9. What do you wish you had been taught at school / college / university that you think would of helped you in your creative career?
  10. Freelancers! What was your career turning point?
  11. Are you a Senior Editor looking for a new challenge? Sweet Cherry Publishing is hiring for a Managing Editor! (Children’s books)
  12. Hey! would love some portfolio feedback from someone who knows what theyre talking about and any tips on how to improve, thanks.
  13. What is the best way to get into Graphic Design without a GD degree or experience?
  14. Do you have a good knowledge of Capture One, are you good with clients and in the East Midlands?
  15. Updated Website! Check out my website for a chance to win a 16 x 20 image of your favourite image.
  16. Currently looking for freelance and perm roles..?
  17. Want to buy electronic components any trusted store other than
  18. Graphic designers for community project
  19. has anyone got a apartment available for use to shoot a small music video
  20. Looking for an EA/PA role. Multilingual so that could also be beneficial. London based
  21. Interior design account & collaborators (new suppliers)
  22. Are there any individuals or brands that would like to participate without protesting in the black lives matter movement? Get in touch!
  23. We are looking for a business developer/digital marketer as core part of our team. With background in fashion and visual experiences.