1. Hii! Does anyone know of any sites that offer industry expert Q&As or workshops for creatives breaking into the music industry? Thanks!
  2. Let's start an instagram sharing feed. Pop your insta url below so we can start following each other! Our handle is @ga_london
  3. Looking for some feedback and opinions on how I could improve my portfolio. open to any comment and suggestions.
  4. Bonjour - Is there any ways we can 'search' for specific people on this platform? If so, how? I can't seem to find this! Thanks.
  5. I am looking for a photographer to collaborate with that is great at taking headshots. This isn’t just for myself but also other creatives.
  6. Has anyone got any tips for making a CV for the fashion industry stand out?
  7. Help an SME/Startup/woman-led initiative get a design bundle this September
  8. Have you checked the latest design bundle? Discounts this September:
  9. Any MUA interested in a collaboration for a shoot for next Wednesday the 23rd ! Editorial, conceptual style.
  10. I'd be curious to hear what people think about my site, the copy admittedly needs a little work.
  11. 4 years solid experience in on-page and technical SEO. Cheap SEO services or one off packages, free SEO health check. Building a portfolio.
  12. Help please! Thoughts needed on sharing a travel journal
  13. Is anyone looking for a 'general creative' with an emphasis on film, creative writing, and design?
  14. Looking for photographers, London based, to do a free test shoot with to update my modelling portfolio. Please let me know if interested x
  16. Fashion Africa Now would like to introduce ourselves to you. What do you think of our podcast tease? Click to see link.
  17. عندما ينظر الأشخاص إلى حساب انستقرام ، اینستانیک ، فإنهم يقررون ما إذا كانوا يريدون متابعین حساب والتعامل معه عدد المتابعين
  18. Hello! I’m an aspiring copywriter (or aspiring anything at this rate) and since June I have applied to 90+ jobs without success.
  19. Our accomplished optometrists give individual eye assessment administrations at your home with the best advances.
  20. Are you searching for IFRS Online Video Lectures Class?
  21. Hi there, due to redundancy I am now looking for Marketing/Communication/PR/Project Management role (full/part-time/contract).
  22. Hello! Looking someone who can design and create a bespoke Mailchimp newsletter template - please get in touch :)
  23. Hey everyone! Just wondering if someone is searching for a Junior Creative team in London?
  24. Looking for a mid-level freelance motion graphics designer/animator to make creative vector assets come to life!