1. Hello Creatives, if I tell you that creativity comes out when you are not thinking about creativity at all. What would you say?
  2. Any freelance digital designers with availability?
  3. Looking for a London based Videographer to shoot a live performance video
  4. Videographer for on going YouTube series
  6. Looking for a food photographer
  7. Join the Design Exchange
  8. Looking for someone to make tracks for five 20 second 2D animations
  9. Is there any way to clean up your profile URL (on this site)?
  10. Looking for models with specific aesthetic
  11. Looking for photographers and MUA to support the launch of my womenswear brand next week. Preferably available on the 26/27th/min 4 hours.
  12. Looking for photographer/videographer with own camera and microphone (preferably a lapel) available on the 31st between 12pm and 2pm. PAID!
  13. Any photographers available this week for a test shoot? Working with a musician who needs press shots!
  14. Music Production graduate looking for work!
  15. Looking for creatives to take part in a Q&A shoot on Nov 2nd. DM me @zaratruman on instagram for more info!
  16. Here are our Top 5 most popular Power BI Tips videos over the last 12 months
  17. Any POC/minority writers to collaborate for a short script for a big fund?
  18. How does everyone practice & develop their drawing skills In particular lettering designs? I feel somewhat unsure on how to improve
  19. Hi, I’m a videographer looking to work with any upcoming artists looking to shoot their music video in London free of charge.
  20. Is there any brand,magazine or related interested in a senior retoucher, I work with +18 content like playboy, events and runway shows
  21. Stylist assistant looking to collaborate on new projects and shoots
  22. Looking for an animator for a spoken word poem! Paid work
  23. I'm looking for a UX designer who has worked on sci-fi projects. DM me for more information.
  24. Recently started freelance writing - film, culture + fashion - & would love to know if anyone is looking for a features/writing intern!