1. New podcast with The Dots Founder, Pip Jamieson as part of the 'Behind the face of success' series. Do you have ideas for future guests?
  2. We're hosting a Starting and Building a Career in UX Design event on July 6th at BrainStation!
  3. Looking for a product designer / industrial designer to collaborate with Thur-Fri next week.
  4. Are you a local creative #practitioner? 🤔 Collaborate with the Good Growth Hub team this July 2023 – March 2024! ⁣
  5. I am offering freelance social media management and copywriting services on Fiverr. See more for details.
  6. Looking to assist photographers (London)
  7. Hi! ISO: Queer-identifying sound recordists for a BFI funded short film shooting in Birmingham (25th-27th August) PAID
  8. Hello I am Nkem and I am curious to see if anyone is willing to higher an entry level writer?
  9. looking to collab with anyone looking for a fashion stylist
  10. Hello, I'm looking for a freelance graphic designer to help design & create hotel brochures, festive menus etc. Can anyone help?
  11. Looking to connect with producers interested in music video work (PAID)
  12. I am looking for a graphic designer who is creative thoughts in helping to do flyers for the exhibition who I am curating.
  13. How do you 'let go'?
  14. FREE COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY WORKSHOP - Friday 30th June 12-1pm BST
  15. Model needed for Friday 10 am
  16. What are British top graphic design festivals?
  17. I am looking for a retoucher who specialises in food to collaborate on a project this week. Please feel free to dm. Thanks
  18. If you are looking for help after graduation then book a free 15 minute Discovery Call to find out how I can help you.
  19. Free to access to talks, processes and workshops
  20. Short film - Dostoevsky’s White Nights (Casting call - London)
  21. Any ideas on how to find and meet Illustrator agents for Brands??
  22. If anybody is looking for any type of a photographer or editor, I can do the job! Send emails on:
  23. Does anyone want a vinyl reggae DJ? The Vinyl Sisters are always happy to play out, either as a group or individually.
  24. I want to search for people I already know on the Dots and I can't work out how to.