1. Sculptor Job (Must be London based / close to London)
  2. Dear, I am freelance artist . I am looking for museum job as a customer service. This is my dream job. I like to work with art and history.
  3. I'm trying to get more freelance graphic design jobs and I was just wondering if people could give me feedback on my portfolio.
  4. Hi, I'm open to new freelance opportunities in content design and UX writing. Please reach out if you're looking!
  5. Can anyone see my Cv and tell what do think about it? (I can send it in Priv)
  6. Music artists and aspiring music business people! Looking for help growing your work and projects? Drop me a message �
  7. What do you think about my elomorelo project?
  8. Freelance Graphic Designer/Content Creative open for work✨
  9. Could anyone spare 3 minutes to fill in the below ux testing survey for me? I'd be grateful, it will take 3 mins
  10. One thing that I learned in my humble little life is that creativity works in a weird way. What is your experience ? Gion
  11. Looking to collaborate with a MUA for an upcoming short narrative/art film - drop your insta/portfolio!
  12. Would anyone know of a great Notion template for multiple-project & life management?
  13. Limited spaces available! Join out fun creative community today
  14. London-based MUA’s please tag your instas below for exciting shoots happening this year! ⬇️
  15. Looking to connect with creative short film producers!
  16. Fashion videos for magazines
  17. looking for account services to help me do my taxes as a freelance creative (sole trader)..
  18. Brand guideline workshop
  19. I'm looking for a videographer to shoot a Vietnamese charity event on Sunday, January 15th in London.
  20. looking for an agent for artist / composer— recent work for Irish Museum of Modern Art and Ridely Scott
  21. Someone w/ junior design experience looking for part-time UI / UX roles. They are limited to 20 hours per week as an International student.
  22. Hi I’m to the Dots I’m an architecture student / poet / content creator. I have a poem and would like to make it into a music video.
  23. Interested in cool interesting projects & gaining experience?
  24. London creatives - drop your insta below. Looking to connect with more people for upcoming work this year.