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  3. Happy New Year!! I would love to connect with more creatives on Instagram. Here is my page @themarianaaguiar Leave your @ below :)
  4. Hey I’m a video editor looking to edit a short film or documentary, if anyone is interested let me know :)
  5. Hey- I'm currently looking for Calligraphy/Lettering and Type design courses or workshops in London or online. Any recommendations/advice?
  6. I want 2023 to be my year. I am still learning, and have so much experience to grow, but always keen to collaborate and build connections.
  7. Editor X Web designer ASAP
  8. Looking for TikTok Content Producer - PAID
  9. Happy New Year!💫 If you ever need a freelance editor/motion graphics animator with multi-industry experience, I’m just a message away!
  10. Looking for a hair & makeup artist for Saturday 14th January 10am-12:30pm (2 hours roughly)
  11. I want to connect with photographers, models and designers. I would like to do some submissions and general creative work in the NY
  12. Happy New Year Everyone! Let's make this year better than the last.
  13. Want 2023 to be a big year! lots of collabs and working with creatives - send me ideas and projects! open to any ideas. insta: @dolsie.rose
  14. Junior Graphic Designers (Part Time) Needed ✨
  15. This Week's Weekly Newsletter (The Truth Behind)
  16. any photographers looking to collab on a shoot on the 2nd Jan?
  17. PAID. I'm looking for a web developer for a small project. Hit me up !
  18. My portfolio update and design service offering!
  19. Just felt like wishing happy new year to everyone! Also, do you set yearly goals as freelancers? Would love to get inspired on that.
  20. How Do I Know If The Abortion Pill Worked?
  21. Hey! Looking to collaborate with models who have tattoos and/or piercings. Let me know if you’re interested!
  22. Hi all! I am looking for a hairstylist to collaborate with on a hair/beauty test shoot end of Jan. Please leave IG handles below
  23. I am looking for an job in social media digital marketing. If anyone is hiring please get in touch with me. Thank you.
  24. Bristol Creatives! 🇬🇧Tag your insta’s below for potential shoots in the New Year!!