1. Looking for 2 female casts aged between 25-30, British or mixed race for a test shoot for a wine brand. Expenses only, as it's self funded.
  2. Does anyone know a location in London with a heart shape bathtub? Holets, Motels, Houses anything
  3. Hi guys, I need your help, I'm doing murals and now and I'm looking for my next wall. Get in touch with me.
  4. Q: Intergrated Graphics Designers how much do you charge for website redesign?
  5. Calling aspiring models and content creators (unpaid)
  6. I have an idea for my business brand, but have no idea how to find out whether this would be a winner. Can anyone help with this?
  7. Feedback on my portfolio
  8. Looking for a female / non-binary filmmaker to take part to a post-film panel discussion. Message me for more details.
  9. What’s the best way to find illustration work?
  10. Looking for HMUA and stylists for test shoots. Please get in touch , here is some of my work: Here's//
  11. Looking to take on new music video directing work, would love to connect with labels, artists of all levels, artists rep & management!
  12. Looking for a hair stylist for Monday 6th of March at 12pm
  13. Anyone aware of fashion internships, apprenticeship or placements currently going on based in London or Midlands. đź“©
  14. Looking for HMUA for collaboration next week, on the 8th and 9th of March. Here is some inspiration!
  15. Looking for Directors / Musicians for collab
  16. Looking for Berlin or close-Berlin based Hair&Make-up artists for a Horror Short Film! PAID JOB!
  17. Looking for two Scotland based Runners for a two day outdoor shoot in Glencoe March 6-7th
  18. Das Haus | Call for Applications, Discovering: Architecture and Landscape Lab (Online)
  19. Anyone know a photographer in CĂłrdoba, Argentina?
  20. Copywriter Needed! - For Genz x Ebay (experience)
  21. Horror Short Film Fundraising Campaign - Tips, advices, feedback, support?
  22. Looking for models or a couple for a collaboration photoshoot in Bristol.
  23. Looking for an E-Comm photographer with product/packshot experience and a studio in London.
  24. Anyone else find that elements seem to move slightly in Figma when moving between screens in prototyping?
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