1. Hey everyone, I'm a Textile designer specializing in print design, currently looking for a new role, open for collaborations and freelance.
  2. Looking for 3D animators for a music video that features 90s Playstation 1-esque scenes.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this site and looking to see if any Coaching roles are available. Happy to look at ad hoc work as well as contracts. Thanks
  4. Looking for a product photographer for a contract furniture company, we are rebuilding our asset library for our new website launch in 2024.
  5. Hey people! I am photographer and I’m working in a personal project where a photograph siblings that look like twins but they are not.
  6. If anyone is looking for a production assistant in the new year or a runner for any upcoming projects based in London, please let me know!
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  8. Hi Guys, How long does it take you to create a pitch deck as a person working in TV/Film development, writer, director or producer?
  9. I have just released a spoken word track to streaming services, protesting against the Israel-Gaza war. Please can you help me to share it?
  10. I am currently looking to work with interior designer at this time as I currently have a collection of bespoke paintings available now
  11. Hello Everyone, I am a textile artist and I am currently open to freelance work
  12. **NEW** 5 Things I Wish I Knew...Before Leaving University
  13. Zems Entertainment Presents...
  14. Our networking mixer is coming up - will we see you there?
  15. **NEW** Artist Feature
  16. Are you looking for some support to start your fashion brand?
  17. Looking to connect with creative freelance copywriters for potential future projects. Drop me a message with your details! Thanks 😊 ✨
  18. Hey! I’m Savannah a Junior Graphic Designer based in London, hoping for some constructive feedback on my portfolio!
  20. Content Creator & Social Media Manager Available for Part-Time/Freelance
  21. Website assistance for magazine
  22. Looking for photographers based in Madrid for a photo shoot for a new drinks brand.
  23. The AllBright team is growing! 💫
  24. Anyone part of any groups connected to tech4good / digital health solutions? Love to hear your recommends, thanks.