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  2. Looking for creative freelancers available from 17th October - 28th October to support with the installation of Selfridges windows.
  3. question :I'm looking to gain a few clients in the music industry, cause I love music. Any tips on getting in touch with them? tnx! :D
  4. Kaufen Sie Percocet sicher ohne Rezept
  5. Anyone looking for an extra per of hands on a shooting/project? Happy to help Experience in Photography, Creative Direction & Styling
  6. Hi, Creatives, I am doing ''power talk'' sessions to help with your portfolio & personal branding. I have 5 free spots available. DM
  7. Hello! I'm looking to broaden my portfolio with some product design or app design
  8. Plan to produce some fashion merchandise but would like to use only second hand plain clothing rather than create anything new. Suppliers??
  9. Looking for a photography assistant for a really dope fashion studio shoot tomorrow in West London
  10. MUA and Hairstylist needed for 17th and 19th September for music video in London
  11. Would love to get portfolio feedback
  12. Looking for creative pattern cutter to assist on a capsule collection based on inclusivity, queer identities and historical influence.
  13. Hello all, I'm currently looking for an internship that will start during the week of the 27th of September.
  14. Hey! Freelance Editorial editorial open for commissions!
  15. Looking for paid Fashion focused Internships. Currently working as a freelance designer & stylist
  16. Looking for a creative opportunity focused on fashion direction/concept/styling/designing
  17. Morning Yall Who Needs BTS? Ready To Shoot!
  18. Does anyone have tips for getting into the Industrial design.
  19. Any design/ illustration (paid) internships in London? I'm really keen to develop some new skills!
  20. would love to connect with anyone that would be up for any shoots or collaboration?
  21. Looking for POC that own small businesses for a Pop Up in Dalston. Categories: fashion; home/decor; cards/prints; gifts. DM for more info.
  22. Is anyone looking for a Creative/Studio Assistant in London, Kent or remotely? I’m an Illustration graduate looking for paid work :)
  23. I want to get more speaking gigs, as a thought leader in women’s strength training, inclusivity and I’m not sure where to start/ look
  24. Any starting photographers/designers looking for a collab/extra hand on set @ ldn ?