1. Crew call out! I'm looking to update my personal industry contact database for upcoming productions
  2. To all creaters out there that have ADHD how do you manage your creative process and work flow without getting lost or distracted?
  3. Are there any creatives (photographers, MUAs) based in Sheffield/Yorkshire interested in collaborating on a shoot?
  4. Looking for Models, Stylists, MUAs and more to collaborate
  5. Editorial Submissions
  6. Do you need a piece about Poland or Eastern Europe? Or maybe help with Polish, be it editing or translating (from/to English)?
  7. Looking for a hair and makeup artist for the 9th of October for a latex based shoot with a dominatrix (tfp)
  8. Guest Post Opportunities for New and aspiring beauty and wellness writers
  9. Looking for part time/ freelance/ intern work in a creative agency or with a photographer/photo department in London!
  10. Art directors how do you scout talent? (All responses welcome)
  11. Women of the word! ICYMI Women in Marketing’s awards are back - and so is the copywriting category to support and celebrate copywriters
  12. ICYMI Mark Pollard's next Sweathead Do-Together is next month
  13. Hello all, I would love to get feedback or reviews of the Central Saint Martins online short courses. Would appreciate if you could help me!
  14. Anyone know where to find good art exhibit / gallery opportunities?
  15. This Week's Weekly Newsletter (The Truth Behind)
  16. Are you looking for a role as a design assistant?
  17. What you doing this weekend?
  18. Anyone looking for an events photographer for an evening or weekend event in London starting next week?
  19. Hi everyone, I’m a fashion editor, journalist, shoot producer, creative director and fashion stylist email me at
  20. Seeking a digital designer for a Gen Z Holistic project - please share your details
  21. Looking for womenswear bands/ designers for an upcoming project. Reply or dm: Aliziaa.t :)
  22. Photographers/videographers of Manchester! Are any of you available to document a live performance by my artist in October. Message me!
  23. If you’re good at designing and/or creating decks (for pitches or marketing campaigns), please message me!
  24. The Death of a Queen - Mourners at Buckingham Palace.