1. Evening all, hope you are all well. I'm looking for an ambitious sound mixer and music composer to do the scoring for my trailer.
  2. Spoken word poetry events or any other poetry sharing events in London. Would love to get to know some other writers :)
  3. Illustrator looking for commissions, collaborations & other work 🖍
  4. Calling all Fashion/Art writers!
  5. I’m looking for a workshop on novel writing for novice writers!
  6. Looking to connect with Social Media Managers (freelance or perm) for exciting opportunity with jewellery & food brands - inbox me!
  7. Looking to connect with Freelance Graphic Designers (social, digital, maybe print - likely MW) for work across jewellery, food & skincare.
  8. Any creatives in South Wales?
  9. Looking for illustrators and writers for a magazine collaboration
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any advice for a new faces model that has just signed with an agency and needs more experience. Thank you
  11. #Brand The key #branding and #design trends to watch out for in 2022, FMCG or CPG markets =>
  12. Collaboration, Seeking Cast and Crew
  13. Does anyone want to have a custom built web-based platform with a windows/Mac desktop interface to allow multiple staff real-time access?
  14. Anyone need a mural?
  15. Looking for companies interested in collaborating in a circular economy art project to increase their ressource. and marketing value
  16. New! Anytime Necklace Design/kit by Allie Buchman (Potomac Bead Box)
  17. CONTENT CREATORS!If you are a content creator or know someone that is and are in need of a social media manager /VA @ your socials!
  18. Looking to collab with those in fashion industry etc to sell clothes or designs. Checkout
  19. What’s the best way to find a job in the film industry in the UK? Not living in the UK at the moment, but looking for a chance to go back.
  20. Looking for a videographer to collab for the launch of the first CHESHE COLLECTION 22
  21. Aspiring music journalists to join our Blog team - interested in writing Reviews / Interviews in Indie / Pop / Folk etc
  22. Looking to work with a DANCER based in London or Cambridgeshire on a Screendance style video for portfolio building.
  23. I’m a student trying to build a portfolio around editorial portraiture but struggle to find models. Advice on how to find & contact models?
  24. HNY! I'm looking for a freelance integrative designer, mid-weight with some agency experience.