1. Looking for concept designer to design, pro bono our business concept, offer advice of the process to understand the collaborative process
  2. LOOKING FOR A FILM PRODUCER for a 2D animation short film (funding application)
  3. Just posted my Zine MANSPREAD and would be grateful for some feedback!! Thank you
  4. looking for all types of creatives for audio visual exhibition!
  5. Any brands from Dubai that would like to shoot in Milan?
  6. Video Editor and Motion Graphic Designer here. Looking for remote position. My showreel:
  7. I'm looking to expand my creative network on Instagram, check out my profile @luciagiacani leave a comment or contact request. Thanks!
  8. Looking for Models / MUAs to collaborate in an up coming test shoot on 02/06/23 (TFP)
  9. Would anyone like to shoot in an Italian Villa?
  10. Just posted the 5th episode of a Podcast created to pass on what I have learned from 47 years in the entertainment industry....
  11. Do any magazines or brands need fashion photography on Lake Como?
  12. Calling any creatives for some feedback on possible clients that would be suitable for my photographic style!
  13. buy Percocet medicine online without prescription
  14. Do you have a craving for fashion photography and five minutes to spare?
  15. Models in Berlin?
  16. Does anyone need a Womenswear, beauty or Jewelry photographer for projects in Milan or Italy?
  17. Hi all! My startup, a sustainably focussed on-demand clothing delivery platform in London is about to soft to launch. Details below!
  18. I am committed to offering the most competitive rates for all types of scrap metal in Victoria
  19. Just looking to dip my toes into some freelance writing work. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it.
  20. Hello! I'm looking for a 12 month paid Graphic Design internship.
  21. Good quality Digital fabric printing in London
  22. Is any female model with African background available for a shoot on Sunday?
  23. Hello! Looking for some Web developer wisdom-would be great to pick your brains about a project I am working on :) It may also lead to work
  24. |Showreel of an exhibition| Event photographer/videographer needed for a 3 hour session on Thursday 18th May (8-11pm). Hourly rate - £15