1. I'm looking for a fab powerpoint designer to create a new (& usable) design for us. Anybody have recommendations to share?
  2. Looking for individuals with Scoliosis that are based in London for a personal project of mine
  3. Looking for poets / writers to collaborate on an animation
  4. Any young directors out there? Think your could direct a five camera music shoot? Need large crew experience? Version needs you - Let's talk
  5. Looking for 1 more camera op for Sunday 17th July for a 4 hour test shoot (unpaid - expenses covered)
  6. A loved webzine of mine. What do you think of this photography webzine?
  7. We're creating digital-first videos and looking for agencies, and brands to partner with.
  8. Looking for young creatives under 25 to take part in free creative portfolio prep & creation workshops in London
  9. Hi everyone, sharing my expertise here in case its of interest to anyone looking for freelance marketing. Do get in touch! x
  10. Hi Community, I have been working on this new process where I stream building a full startup apps.
  11. I am looking for respondents on a survey for my dissertation. Any responses would be much appreciated!
  12. Looking for small freelance jobs to fund my summer ☀ if you need anything designing or making hit me up!
  13. Hiring - Project Director
  14. I'm producing an event for Black, Mixed Black & Non Binary individuals working in Film, TV & Theatre
  15. Urgent - Junior Sound Recordist
  16. We are expanding the delivery team here at Future Strategy Club
  17. We're looking for a Studio Manager! Come and join the team!
  18. British Indian females who have purchased secondhand South Asian womenswear via online platforms !!
  19. Videographer needed
  20. Are you looking for a white label hybrid exchange development company?
  21. Going to start being more active on here to networking. I'm just about to start a blog to share my thoughts and input.
  22. Looking for pattern cutters, seamstresses, textile designers or anyone who wishes to help me with my new collection for AW22/23.
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