1. I recently got into my first group exhibition, I'm showing two paintings and need advice on how to hang them please!
  2. What was the best hospitality (bar, café, restaurant, hotel...) experience you've had recently?
  3. Any tailors on here? Reply with your email for job opportunity.
  4. I am still looking for a programmer interested in collaborating in a start up enterprise masters project for a mobile application!
  5. I am looking for a budget quote from an app developer for a MVP
  6. Looking for writing/photography and possibly art projects around the themes of EXTINCTION / RECONNECTION / REDESIGN
  7. We've found a space in central Muswell Hill, N10, London and wondered if anyone is looking for a space for a desk?
  8. We're getting closer to the deadline for the second Where the Leaves Fall / OmVed photo competition.
  9. Hello everybody! I am looking for someone good with SEO and backlinks? Thanks
  10. Looking for copy-editors, proofreaders, indexers and designers from DIVERSE backgrounds
  11. Illustrators - where do you go about selling prints of your work? What platforms/websites would you recommend? :-) Thank you!
  12. Hi!!! We are planning a Model Test on Monday 24th 17hs, any model and stylist available to collaborate??
  13. Working on my portrait portfolio. Any models feel free to contact me. Also looking to assist studio shoots and internships
  14. I’m looking to collaborate with still life photographers and fashion designers on some personal work
  15. I'm am currently a 3rd year Photography student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am looking for creatives to review my portfolio!
  16. The Art Prize platform is crowded. Aside from accolades and cash prizes, what else would entice you to sign up for a 'pay to enter' prize?
  17. Hey, I am a Creative Content Creator now in Central London. I would love to collaborate with some new businesses, industries & Individuals
  18. Mayo magazine is building her online community of selfless survivors of mental and emotive health crisis across the globe.
  19. Can anyone recommend any good photography studios to shoot in Bristol?
  20. Website builders / creators - I would love to hear from you. I'm looking for a talented individual to build a (startup) eCommerce site
  21. I want to start finding work in London so when I eventually move there I have a base. Any suggestions on how to get the ball rolling?
  22. Anyone know of companies currently looking for skilled & experienced video editors?
  23. Anyone open to being an extra in a Music Video on Mondays the 24th?
  24. Any menswear stylists in Manchester willing to collab on a band photoshoot?