1. Hey everyone, I have a new blog post up on my website. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you
  2. Are you looking to improve your writing skills during quarantine? Check out my latest blog post on this:
  3. Hey guys, I'd love if any of you could take a minute and support/follow my Illustration account ig : @faust_illustration just started it :)
  4. Anyone need any audio work done remotely? Sound Design, Mixing, Editing all available, even remote recording.
  6. HTML & CSS class today @ 1:00 GMT
  7. Have you been to any remote events/conferences that have impressed you?
  8. Looking for an English mother tongue editor/copywriter/professional with great writing skills
  9. Any photographers looking to get their unpublished work in a print magazine? (Luxury Fashion & Accessories, Beauty, Fashion)
  10. Hey guys, I'd love if any of you could take a minute and support/follow my design account @nmmela.designs on instagram :)
  11. Feeling creative and are looking to inspire others? Well then maybe might be an editorial platform for you?
  12. Hi creative parents. Please reply with tips, tricks and hacks you can do with your kids during this crisis.
  13. Is anybody applying for public funding?
  14. Anyone looking for a digital producer or project manager? I'm currently available and would love to work on something! Open to Ldn & remote.
  15. I'd love to jump on a media/content project - pro bono, during this difficult time. Let's connect!
  16. Hello! Has anyone got some free time and available to cast a critical eye over my CV and portfolio? Now's a great time to keep it fresh!
  17. Please help keep inclusion on the agenda: tell us how you've shaped your career - & share!
  18. Hey everyone! I would like to use this time to help someone with their creative projects! DM if you got a job for me
  19. Hey, I'm wondering what Squarespace template people are using to display copywriting, content creation, and media relations work?
  20. Does anyone need their website re-designed/developed, or poster/logo/avatar/branding designed?
  21. Any of your family or friends work in the NHS? Here are some initiatives that have been set up to support them. Heard of more? Please add.
  22. My serie Dead Beauty is up until April 15 at The AOP Website. Copy the link below to see it.
  23. Freelance multimedia Graphic Designer looking for gigs!
  24. What would you do with a roll of Super8 whilst stuck at home? I have one to use. Writers/composers DM me if you think we could collaborate.