1. Dear community, how to improve the interactions in your events? Take a look in our web :) https://www.b2match.
  2. The Claudes SEN Law Campaign
  3. How to improvise yourself?
  4. Eva Annonssida
  5. Hello, I am in need of a MUA for a beauty shoot which will be taking place this Sunday the 30 of January. this is going to be a collab work.
  6. Hey! I'm looking for freelance work as a graphic designer 😊✨
  7. I am a spoken word poet looking to collaborate with a music producer or DJ to make tracks together.
  8. Hiring a flexible part time Womenswear Fashion Buyer to join a competitive Y2K fashion start up
  9. How to market a Youtube Channel?
  10. Hello, I'm open to work as Junior Graphi Designer. Any offers will do for me Thanks for your support.
  11. Any suggestions on how to get out of a confidence dip?
  12. Looking for a paid internship for summer 2022 July/August
  13. Looking for internship opportunities for summer 2022 July/August
  14. Any stylists able to help me out with accessing showrooms here in London
  15. Where are all the Project Managers hiding? Come out, come out, wherever you are.
  16. How do I start freelancing as a creative/art director?
  17. Good Afternoon I’m looking for a fashion designer for a resort for luxury collections as I’m a stylist and interested creating my own brand
  18. Need help establishing your PERSONAL BRAND?
  19. Good Afternoon, I’m looking for a fashion designer for a resort of luxury collection if anyone knows a designer to start your own clothing
  20. Umbrella Companies for freelancers - Yay or Nay? It would be great to know opinions of both freelancers & companies employing freelancers.
  21. *Paid work* looking for an illustrator/animator to create some animated illustrations for a haircare campaign. MUST have animation skills
  22. Doesn anyone know if there is any funding available for podcasts?
  23. Hi there, I just uploaded the first RTW & Swim collection I did for my own brand Emilia Mala. Have a look and tell me what you think!
  24. Hi guys! Im starting a collective “Babies at work” and just wondered if anybody would be interested? (Very early stages) 🌟