1. Stylist collab for shoot
  2. Calling all emerging music lovers! Haste Magazine Issue 3 Launch party is coming!
  3. Looking for video editors to edit YouTube style videos, video podcasts and create reels. Must know what works for each platform.
  4. Seeking freelance marketing gigs!
  5. What are your well-being wins?
  6. How do you practice self care? Do you make time for yourself everyday?
  7. Do you think social media can be used for good?
  8. What skills do you think are most important in the workplace?
  9. Looking for a DOP / Cinematographer to collab on a short film set to shoot in Late May / June!
  10. Any photographers out there (Auckland, NZ based) that would want to take part in a crowdfunding event, on June 28th?
  11. Hi all, I am looking for freelance post producers from mid May till end of June. Please drop me a line if you are interested.
  12. *Content Creation Opportunity*
  13. We are also looking for RnB music lovers to join the team at ERNB: Social Media Manager
  14. How do you start as a Cinematographer on a clean slate? I want to create a new portfolio of work as my old work doesn’t represent me anymore
  15. Long time no see guys ☺️. Looking for dancers to film! Preferably classical, contemporary, lyrical or ballet 🩰
  16. Hi all! I’m looking for 3D designer freelance remote jobs.
  17. Looking for sustainable streetwear small businesses based in London
  18. looking for a website designer/developer???? Please send any creators my way :)
  19. Anyone who is available to be clubbing extras Sunday 7th May North London for passion project music video
  20. Looking for a studio in the U.K. to capture 360 degree cutouts (ghost imagery) of a new womenswear collection. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi everyone! I am a fashion marketing (MA) student who is looking to secure a 1-3 month internship starting immediately!
  23. Job hunting!
  24. Visual Artist & Photographer | Editorial | Joan of Arc