1. Hiya, I am a young upcoming creative in London and i am currently looking for any work in the creative field. 🤍
  2. Looking for a Photographer, Make-up Artist, and Model to collaborate on a test shoot in London - taking place early September
  3. Looking to skill swap with someone in the film industry! (producers, directors, writers who are semi established) Drop me a message!
  4. Looking for photographers in London to collaborate on a photoshoot with me for my portfolio :)
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  6. Any female DOPs here who wanna connect!
  7. I am Looking for a Social Media Content Creator Role in Located in Manchester
  8. How can I work in the creative sector in the UK, if in EU?
  10. Enquiring about remote work when the company is in a different time zone: is it a bad idea?
  11. This Week's Weekly Newsletter (The Truth Behind)
  12. Hello Fam, Looking to shoot on September 11th day time in LDN!
  13. I'm in love with summer! Have a look at my latest project, made in Greece.
  14. On the lookout for PR companies - please get in touch.
  15. Looking for a photographer for a test shoot in and around Marseille, France
  16. Design job opportunity! Full time junior graphic designer wanted in ringwood/bournemouth/dorset/hampshire
  17. Do professional 3D artists and designers think Blender will be the future industry standard?
  18. Any freelance videographers in The Dots community?
  19. Tips for building portfolio with 'intangible' work (e.g. - brand research + insights) / How to best showcase such experience for job hunt?
  20. Looking for a female model for 20th September in London for 3 hours for a campaign shoot with a clothing brand. PAID
  21. Writers! Filmmakers! We have an event happening on 8th September at 7pm with Sholla Coker Development Producer at Left Bank Pictures.
  22. have a look at my last projects. maybe someone needs something similar?
  23. Looking for Creatives. Editorials and Designer Collections
  24. Calling all Creatives ! On the launch of our Creative platform we gather at a Music X Ent Fest this Sunday 28th! W/ Special Giveaway Away!