1. Junior graphic designer / Creative looking for work experience paid /unpaid. please contact me on here or email
  2. Everything You Need To Know About Picking The Right Makeup Artist For Your Wedding
  3. Hey! I want to get into broadcast journalism/radio/interviews. Any advice/ link’s on how would be appreciated!
  4. does anybody know a professional Art and Creative Director
  5. Looking to get into teather, tv, film industry.
  6. Currently looking for journalists who are interested in writing about a new mini docuseries. We've had a great feedback so far.
  7. Don't buy it - #LetsCreateXmas21
  8. Any designers/ photographers & models want to collaborate on a techno/rave themed project
  9. The next Design Thinking Meetup is on Tuesday 01-Feb-2022 and it's free. This is a Meetup for anyone curious about Design Thinking ...
  10. A Christmas Wish
  11. Morning all! Recently I have branched out into the world of NFT's and crypto. Has anybody have any leads for new work?
  12. Shalom Everyone, I would love to network and collaborate with Multi disciplinary creatives based in London
  13. New Project: Slipstream X 2021 Triumph Speed Triple RS 1200 Would love to get some feedback on this collab with Triumph!
  14. This film just went live with Fender (Guitars). The project is on my page. Would love your feedback. Griff: Fender Session!
  15. Looking for recommendations for a lifestyle photographer? We're an eco cleaning brand (yay!) looking for some refreshed images in the NY.
  16. I am looking for a writing/creative mentor - does anyone know of any programs or schemes based in the UK?
  17. As Christmas is just around the corner, I wanted to start a thread of great ethical gifts from small business owners. Any recommendations?
  18. Senior Graphic Designer - available in the new year! (freelance)
  19. Anybody in the Derby area, UK who would like to help with live music events - IT, marketing, performing, set up and more?
  20. Are you having small fashion business and you are sewing machinist and selling currently on etsy, amazon or ebey? I would like to connect
  21. Looking for Fashion Networking events where I can meet potential clients for my company and connect with other creatives
  22. POC who are graduate interior designers/ architects who are looking for an amazing opportunity, Apply today. (Link below)
  23. Looking for Genz and Millennials to test out my beta version in 2022. (Plus £10 voucher for joining me in a research interview)
  24. Looking for GenZ and Menninials to test out the beta version of our solution next year (Plus a £10 voucher for a research interview).