1. What skills do you think are most important in the workplace?
  2. Looking for a DOP / Cinematographer to collab on a short film set to shoot in Late May / June!
  3. Any photographers out there (Auckland, NZ based) that would want to take part in a crowdfunding event, on June 28th?
  4. Hi all, I am looking for freelance post producers from mid May till end of June. Please drop me a line if you are interested.
  5. *Content Creation Opportunity*
  6. We are also looking for RnB music lovers to join the team at ERNB: Social Media Manager
  7. How do you start as a Cinematographer on a clean slate? I want to create a new portfolio of work as my old work doesn’t represent me anymore
  8. Long time no see guys ☺️. Looking for dancers to film! Preferably classical, contemporary, lyrical or ballet 🩰
  9. Hi all! I’m looking for 3D designer freelance remote jobs.
  10. Looking for sustainable streetwear small businesses based in London
  11. looking for a website designer/developer???? Please send any creators my way :)
  12. Anyone who is available to be clubbing extras Sunday 7th May North London for passion project music video
  13. Looking for a studio in the U.K. to capture 360 degree cutouts (ghost imagery) of a new womenswear collection. Any suggestions?
  15. Hi everyone! I am a fashion marketing (MA) student who is looking to secure a 1-3 month internship starting immediately!
  16. Job hunting!
  17. Visual Artist & Photographer | Editorial | Joan of Arc
  18. Looking for a fashion journalism intern to write for a new blog
  19. How can studios make their space more diverse
  20. We are seeking a producer and a small crew to collaborate with on short film projects.
  21. UNPAID ACTING OPPORTUNITY Actor and Actress needed (playing age: 25-40) for a music video for Foxpalmer Fri 12th May, in Epping Forest
  22. Hello! Could someone explain what the main differences are between a Creative Director and Art Director please? Thank you!
  23. Looking to collaborate with Videographers!
  24. I need to create engaging content for my website, social media platforms and help with business development with my art business.