1. The coolest app is launched in the UK!
  2. Is the freelance market really bad now? I can get any gig :(
  3. If I pay a freelancer to photograph my work, can those images be “gifted” to a client/supplier without permission from the photographer?
  4. Looking for content creators to create some irl videos for our brand - interviewing people on the street. Can be based worldwide
  5. Searching for a music producer who's interested in collaborating with me to put together a project (EP)
  6. Who's at Graduate Fashion Week in London this week? Come say hello if you someone from Original Magazine 😁📸
  7. Looking for brands to partner with a sustainable denim brand! Drop me a message x
  8. Looking for a videographer with editing skills to get on board for my next short film “Body”
  9. Calling All Creatives: Seeking Opportunities as a Movement Director
  10. Looking for a Web Designer
  11. Looking to connect w/ journos, historians & performers, who would be available for an immediate London based project.
  12. Are there any fashion magazine issues coming out soon where I can submit my work?
  13. does anyone have recommendations for a good DSLR photography course. really basic beginners. in london preferably?
  14. Blissful Vedic Sound & Angelic Energy Healing at the beautiful STREK Studios tonight:
  15. Available for Project Manager freelance roles in July? DM me if you have anything available. Thanks
  16. Looking for a Project Co-ordinator with exceptional organisational skills! Experience from Junior to mid level. Contract or Part time. Thx
  17. Who wants test masters? who wants test mixes? Lets talk about your project
  18. North-West creatives! I'd love to connect to creative minds from this specific area so when the time is right we can support each other :)
  19. Seeking reccomendations for a talented partner to work on an exciting Amazon trading project. Global Beauty Brand
  20. Beauty Branding 'SHOUTOUT' Skincare Project
  21. I’m hoping to record a new track, I’m currently looking for a male Japanese singer! I’m working on a JPOP song. Please get in contact :)
  22. I would like to transition to Brand Marketing in fashion (London based).
  23. Looking for Fashion models for the 15th! Size 8!
  24. I'd like to gain more experience with cobbling (shoe repairing), please message me if you have some advice on how to get started.