1. Hi everyone! I created a public playlist on Spotify to get a bit distracted from all these bad news. Feel free to subscribe!
  2. Any web developer here is a pro at creating sites with CargoCollective? Need to update my site & require help -paid (Cargo collective only)
  3. Hello, Anyone looking for Graphic Designer to make Adobe Animate project in AS3 or JAVA/HTML5 (Canvas)?
  4. Recently been furloughed and looking for some freelance bits...
  5. Looking for up & coming designers to loan pieces for shoot? HMU ASAP
  6. I am currently seeking an opportunity to work as a Marketing, PR or Personal Assistant.
  7. Looking for any career advisors! Pursuing a change in my career and looking for some tips!
  8. Follow @Mammalouk on instagram and tune in 4pm Wednesday 8th April for photography tips!!
  9. Does anyone have a more established film crew that is seeking out stories to film? I have 200+ stories to pick from.
  10. PHOTOGRAPHERS! If I were to run a weekly Q&A/Top Tips post, what topics would be useful? (e.g. estimates, insurance, legals, commissioners)
  11. Who has a book to publish and needs a designer, editor, proofreader, etc?
  12. If your Ex call you and says his former lover is 100 times better than you what will be your reply? Cus I am confused
  13. I’m looking at possibly moving to Denmark. Are there any creative organisations or art history opportunities that anybody may know of?
  14. Anybody here applying for public funding?
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for people to collaborate with anyone interested?
  16. What are Some of the Niches in Digital Marketing?
  17. HTML & CSS Lesson Tomorrow @ 1pm GTD!
  18. Hi, I'm looking for ethical fashion brands to sponsor an online, global event during the fashion revolution week.
  19. Since this quarantine, I have realised my discipline has become slack. So I wonder what others do for motivation during these times?
  20. I was working on (Visualizing Mental Health) before the lock-down and I just finalized them.
  21. Footage of lockdown