1. I'm looking for people interested in collaborating on fashion photography projects. ;)
  2. Could anyone recommend a graphic designer for a new direct to consumer meals service we have just launched?
  3. We are looking for a Sound Assistant on the 27th November for an Interview shot of the designer Georgia Hardinge here in London.
  4. Can people recommend comminities/ hubs for video directors in New York please, eg great activist groups, screening groups, newslettets? Thx
  5. Looking for a make-up artist to collaborate with?
  6. Anyone involved in fashion editorials?
  7. Looking for an internship or assistant part time job within the fashion industry in London: styling, fashion journalism... etc. I’m open
  8. Currently looking for a full-time/ freelance Graphic Design job, Branding, Packaging, Magazine, mainly Junior position, Anyone!
  9. Looking to collaborate with brands and/or publications on copywriting tasks - happy to do for FREE to build portfolio!
  10. Anyone looking for a creative / art director ? currently in on the market for work
  11. Looking for stylists and shoppers who are US size 12-24 or service clients who wear those sizes
  12. Christmas Jumper Decoration Workshop!!!
  13. Sounds great! What are the portrait dimensions??? Thinking of doing a 15sec animation :)
  14. Hi! This sounds awesome... was thinking of doing a short animation (15secs)... you said portrait format but what dimensions would be good?
  15. Are there any designers who want to collab on a really cool shoot?
  16. Hi I'm a graduate with experience at many PR agencies and freelance projects and looking for opportunities in the Midlands.
  17. Need a storyteller who has written for BAFTA and Oscar winners - for shorts, series or feature? Or a script Editor who works with the BFI?
  18. Hi! I'm looking for temp jobs in marketing/communications/film and TV production in London, available immediately!
  19. Looking for an affordable studio to record podcast in? London area. Don't need editing facilities.
  20. Looking for work as a performing musician/ vocalist! If you have any projects looking for this drop me a message! :)
  21. Looking for a web designer for a sports club, any recommendations?
  22. Hey again everyone. To those that have requested information on my previous question it is an unpaid collaboration.
  23. Does anyone know any networking events/platforms for creatives (mainly graphic design, advertising, branding, social media)
  24. Currently looking for a full-time job in Graphic Design, Advertising or Social Media, mainly Junior position. Does anyone know anything?