1. Healthtech branding 2 Some more images from this project.
  2. Healthtech branding Our studio had the opportunity to work on a medical platform that gave diagnosis access to thousands of people.
  3. Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist wanted to collaborate on a shoot on Saturday 18th March in North London for editorial.
  5. Are there any stylists looking for an assistant ?
  6. looking for photographers to collaborate with as an upcoming model & celebrity stylist
  7. Does anybody know anything about software and digital fashion ?
  8. Fashion designers / Illustrators / Photographers / Writers…Head this way…
  9. 📢Casting Call (for a Short Film) Seeking a male lead role in a narrative short 'Business Hugs' See details for more:
  10. My first designed & printed newspaper! - comment or message me for a copy, would love your feedback!
  11. Looking for 1-2-1 careers advice
  12. Hey, are there any R&B sound engineers who are able to mix and master and looking for an R&B singer to work with? Let me know your prices
  13. South west based models
  14. Who knows that we host a podcast series called "No Boxes"?
  15. My last campaign for Pretto in Paris
  16. Experience with art competitions? Any success stories
  17. Lana Premium Bar 5800 Puffs Pineapple Disposable Vape
  18. Done or Perfect
  19. Any musos or reps/friends of musos who have committed songs about climate change, conservation, nature and the environment on here?
  20. How do I become good enough at UX to get a job at a reputable company e.g. FAANG
  21. celebrating women and gender-expansive folk
  22. Calling all creative creative directors and founders. Let's chat about, clients, rates and everything related.
  23. Looking for someone with very sharp marketing skills, lucrative gig, please get in touch for more details, cheers, Alex
  24. help with marketing on many platforms...