1. Hi everyone, I'm a photography student looking for an internship in London, anyone how can help with some info?
  2. I’m a freelancing editor and music journalist—2 years experience. I’m leaving uni and need help finding jobs/internships? Please reach out!
  3. Are you looking for ways to celebrate women's history month? Here are some ideas:
  4. Hello, Does anyone know of a good literary agent or consultant to help a first time publisher ?
  5. Creative strategy, Art Direction and Conceptualization. Are you thinking in improve your brand identity with style?
  6. Hello, I am looking for a seamstress to help with small production runs for my new fashion business ~ would love to hear your thoughts +
  7. Looking for advice on the best way to start freelancing as a beginner
  8. In which city should I have my next exhibition?
  9. Can anyone recommend a good company to get my work printed as wallpaper? Thanks, Lucy x
  10. Hey there, Im looking for some female, POC videographers who would be willing to share there journey on my new podcast?
  11. I just made a website and was hoping to get some feedback if anyone has a few minutes to have a quick look? I'm grateful for any feedback.
  12. I am looking for freelance writers looking to collaborate remotely and pitch fashion/culture stories for
  13. Does anyone have any advice on how to get more freelance jobs as a remote artist based in Newcastle?
  14. Hello, we are looking for a Graphic Designer to work a couple of hours per week on freelance basis to help our fashion recruitment agency.
  15. Looking for an art director who would like to buddy up to work and apply to work on creative projects.
  16. Hello All, I am looking for a job within an Interior Design forward company either part time or full time. Thanks, Leah
  17. We wanna discover, share & introduce more amazing creative talent & their work with our network, so we've started our own YouTube channel.
  18. We are looking for a junior administrator to join our team.Please contact me if you are interested on
  19. Anyone fancy having portraits being taken of them? I’m a budding photographer and need some practice!
  20. Illustrator wanted for some assets on a short film!
  21. Does anyone know of an experienced podcast producer that's looking to collaborate?
  22. "Difference is a good thing - our differences make us stronger." I'm looking for thoughts on what this looks like...
  23. Anyone know any great working spaces in London for writing?
  24. Are you a keynote wizard that is obsessed with formatting and loves making super slick presentations?