1. Hi All! I’m an experienced tech focused Management Consultant looking to make a switch into the music industry! Job info or advice welcome!
  2. Looking for someone who has a love of the arts / creativity and equally passionate about business development / brand partnerships ?
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  4. Can I ask that anybody I choose to work with on a shoot doesn’t waste my time again.
  5. Im looking for anyone experienced in film technology with a passion to teach video editing to students in alternate educational environment
  6. Hi! I’m looking to find some kind people who would be able to give me some feedback on my online portfolio!
  7. Model needed for a collaboration shoot on the 31st Jan 10am till 4pm
  8. Looking for a fashion student or graduate who would like to collab or work alongside with me on my runway collection
  9. Hey Dots community, I'm available for Freelance Creative and Art Direction work. Reach out if you want to work together or collab!
  10. Facebook Ads, Google & YouTube Ads and Organic Social Media Expert Open to Work 👋
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  12. Startups, indie makers, creatives: Join our entrepreneur interview series on the topic: This is the Hack I've used to Grow My Business.
  13. Would love to meet up with other actors!
  14. 🚀 Elevate your brand with sleek mobile design! 📱 Let's turn your vision into an engaging app. DM for more #mobileapp #appdesign
  15. Need brands that specialises in oversized jackets/ fashion for editorial fashion shoot to be featured in magazine. All credit given.
  16. hi ! I’m traveling to NYC and I’m looking to meet creative, inpired people and extend my network. If you’re in NYC let’s have a ☕️ !
  17. How to get customers and engage in Facebook groups?
  18. Looking for spaces i could rent or galleries! Planning an exhibition☆
  19. Does anyone have any experience filming in a large park in London that didn't charge fees for filming?
  20. I’m a freshly birthed character design/ concept art graduate, how do I find work in London??
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  22. Reaching out as an Economics Student who wants advice about networking and connecting in the Finance and Economics Industry.
  23. Does anyone know of any photography galleries that are looking for new frames to promote, specifically in landscapes and environments?
  24. 24 Hours Reply/ (Contact Us) ✅ ✔➤Email: usaexonacc@ ✅ ✔➤Skype: UsaExonAcc ✅ ✔➤Telegram: @UsaExonAcc