1. Looking for an English native podcast journalist/editor/producer in the fields of architecture & digital technologies.
  2. What Happens When Best Laid Plans Go Wrong?
  3. Looking for a charismatic sales account manager with experience in fragrance, bath&body, home and wellness
  4. Delighted to see Human Layer Security Magazine in Dezeen Awards 2022 longlist! 🤞
  5. Looking for some dancers either London or West Midlands based, contemporary style dance. Also looking for stylists/ Costume Designers.
  6. My first great Behance project. Super proud. Feedback welcomed.
  7. Six Minutes Past Nine - Pilot Residents Talk 31st Aug 6pm BST
  8. Does anyone know a warehouse where I can shoot a music video? Please help
  9. Who wants to shoot next?
  10. looking for creatives to work on a shoot my brand, working on low budgets so this is more for people looking for experience!
  11. Who wants to do a shoot?
  12. Looking for experience in promoting online fashion, we need to grow our socials and are looking for somebody to help us achieve this!
  13. who on here is interested in Set Designing / interior designing? I've got something I'm working on
  14. 2022 PDF Portfolio Work - Both Studio and Location work. Please click link below to view. Happy to chat over a zoom.
  15. Hi everyone! (Mainly actors) Looking for people who need IMDb credits! We need extras for our short film project and you’ll get a credit!!
  16. Freelancing is a little weird, you are not full-time but you are full-time as well 😂
  17. Looking for some music for your next project?
  18. Looking for a fashion stylist (photoshoot)
  19. I spoke about my practice at the Its Nice that, Nicer Tuesdays event. Covering a wide array of topics including process and projects.
  20. What unique requirement or responsibility would you like to see appear on a job description list?
  21. Looking for a hair & make-up assistant for a skateboarding shoot on the 1st of September in Bermondsey, collab
  22. Recent graduate looking to get feedback for my portfolio please?
  23. We are looking for sales agents to work across the French and USA (NY/CA) retail markets. Contact for more info.
  24. Any makeup artists in London free to collab on a shoot this Thursday (25th)? Model: @isla.macinnes Photographer (me): @alyxalakija