1. Looking for a fashion stylist (photoshoot)
  2. I spoke about my practice at the Its Nice that, Nicer Tuesdays event. Covering a wide array of topics including process and projects.
  3. What unique requirement or responsibility would you like to see appear on a job description list?
  4. Looking for a hair & make-up assistant for a skateboarding shoot on the 1st of September in Bermondsey, collab
  5. Recent graduate looking to get feedback for my portfolio please?
  6. We are looking for sales agents to work across the French and USA (NY/CA) retail markets. Contact for more info.
  7. Any makeup artists in London free to collab on a shoot this Thursday (25th)? Model: @isla.macinnes Photographer (me): @alyxalakija
  8. Audio/Podcast communities I'd LOVE to know about you!
  9. Hi I am currently a freelancer looking for any backstage/Assisting work for London and Paris Fashion week!
  10. If anyone comes across some film making opportunities for beginning directors please let me know
  11. Prince Of Peckham is Looking for Black Artists to showcase their work throughout October for Black History Month. Drop us a message !
  12. A creative freelancer needs to keep their messaging focussed - everyone loves options...until they have to choose one.
  13. Advice on getting mentorship and what to expect
  14. Jewellery Brands/Designers
  15. Any creatives in Barcelona? Living here now, I want more people to collaborate together. :)
  16. Have you ever wondered what chicken pickin licks mixed with smooth blues licks sounded like? The guitar solo in our single may be for you
  17. Looking for a producer & 2nd AC for an exciting music video shoot in London. 3rd & 4th of September. Dm on insta: Thenigerianvillain
  18. Any models looking for updated portfolio photos?
  19. we’re back asking the Birmingham public their opinions on the fashion, Beauty & Life style industry‼️‼️‼️
  20. Are there any small businesses/designers taking part in London Design Festival this year?
  21. Can anyone recommend a supplier to get small batches of wheat paste posters printed?
  22. Looking for a writer interested in writing a piece about Nottinghill carnival for a magazine article
  23. Experienced graphics designer-social media content creator need it!
  24. Anyone got LA-based DP recommendations? Cool commercial / music jobby Set design leads also be gr8