1. Looking for a photographer for a test shoot in and around Marseille, France
  2. Design job opportunity! Full time junior graphic designer wanted in ringwood/bournemouth/dorset/hampshire
  3. Do professional 3D artists and designers think Blender will be the future industry standard?
  4. Any freelance videographers in The Dots community?
  5. Tips for building portfolio with 'intangible' work (e.g. - brand research + insights) / How to best showcase such experience for job hunt?
  6. Looking for a female model for 20th September in London for 3 hours for a campaign shoot with a clothing brand. PAID
  7. Writers! Filmmakers! We have an event happening on 8th September at 7pm with Sholla Coker Development Producer at Left Bank Pictures.
  8. have a look at my last projects. maybe someone needs something similar?
  9. Looking for Creatives. Editorials and Designer Collections
  10. Calling all Creatives ! On the launch of our Creative platform we gather at a Music X Ent Fest this Sunday 28th! W/ Special Giveaway Away!
  11. Does anyone know how to save an audio file from voice notes please?
  12. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has advice on this issue I'm currently having...
  13. Studio Augustine is a young interior design practice based in London. Looking for Social Media producer.
  14. Styling Assistant here, looking to build my portfolio with paid/unpaid opportunities. Get in touch!
  15. Looking for a venue in London to host my panel discussion “Setting the scene: Contextualising Southeast Asian art community”
  16. Hi, Is anyone looking for a junior graphic designer to join their creative team, a recent graduate? Immediate start.
  17. My project manager and I (designer) have opposing views on this please help.
  18. My new site is now live! Get in touch for Art Direction, Branding and Digital Design services!
  19. Mobile App Development in UAE
  20. Fossil fuel companies need young creative talent to hide the truth. To see some mischief and join the fun >
  21. I'm about to move to Leeds, if anyone is looking for a photographer or assistant let me know! :)
  22. Looking for influencer marketers who are working on projects at the moment!
  23. London-based fashion photographers - see below!
  24. Hello! I am looking for any illustrative freelance work - package design, logo design, album artwork, poster design, anything like that!