1. Das Haus | Call for Applications, Project Pro Lab Lab (Online) Deadline: 23:59 (CET, Amsterdam/Berlin) April 28, 20 (more information below)
  2. Ever longed to create and design your own home? In this workshop, you can! ... in miniature paper form ;)
  3. Is anyone looking for a copywriter?
  4. Looking for team: writer reviewers: film; beauty, fashion. culture and more: writers / videographers wanting to build up a portfolio.
  5. Want to be part of WhatsApp group for freelancers and marketers ? Read more here 🫶🏼
  6. Looking for a MA degree recommendations Europe, around marketing, management, social media (50:50 creative: business)
  7. Career advice needed...
  9. Looking for a team of writers to join a new project / people interested in writing about fashion, beauty, culture, interior + more.
  10. Hello my name is Lucie, I am a French student currently looking for an unpaid internship for a month from June to July.
  11. Why does The Dots always ask me if I've collaborated on the same past projects?
  12. Looking for an assistant to help me with a photo session on 2nd May in London for 2hrs.
  13. I will be performing in the Director's Cut Theatre Company's production of Art From The Heart at Southwark Playhouse Sunday 30th April, 7pm
  14. Brands! Want to know how you can deliver modern day value through social, during a cost of living crisis?
  15. Do you have a moment to spare for our survey? We aim to keep plastic waste away from the ocean and our environment.
  16. Open to work for Sound Design, Soundtrack Production or Music Production, hit me up, please.
  17. Anyone needs a hand with retouching? I'm free this week for projects or collabs!
  18. Any photographers looking to rent out a studio and equipment?
  19. Starting a podcast
  20. Want to start a shop stocking some known brands. However, no brand really allows you to stock them without having other brands - any advice?
  21. New Brand Building Template In–Store
  22. Hi, I am looking for a paid Data Analytics / Streaming Analyst internship within the entertainment sector (preferably music).
  23. Hello! I’ve found a great, cost effective studio space to do my work and they’re looking for new tenants so I thought I’d share it with you!
  24. Hi. I'm currently looking for copy editing/writing work, to build my portfolio. Open to both paid and unpaid opportunities. Let's connect!