1. Natural Light Portrait Photographer for a Corporate shoot Where: London, outdoors When: September, October
  2. I'm looking to hire a new Graphic Designer -
  3. Looking for photographers/stylists/mua for test shoots to update portfolio:)
  4. Hello! My names Ruby, I'm a 2D animator and illustrator currently looking for work. Ideally freelance animating/ assisting/colouring.
  5. Hiring a part-time TikTok video editor for my podcast at the intersection between art and technology.
  6. Looking to speak to people working at fashion magazines (any sector or demographic) as part of my studies!
  7. Updated my website recently with some newer work:
  8. Is anyone willing to help light a video shoot in SOHO London? free work if u need experience however food/travel will be covered
  9. Looking for collaborators on an app idea
  10. Hi :) I'm planning a photography exhibition in October (Black history month) I Would like to include a video made by a black woman. Anyone?
  11. An addition to the Sekai Space Impact Project. Sekai Coffee 100 sqm.
  12. An addition to the Sekai Space Impact Project. Sekai Coffee 100 sqm.
  13. I need a camera man to shoot a couple of shots for a music video today. Get in touch if you’re available in London from 12PM-10PM today.
  14. I’m finding it difficult to find a job after working as a freelancer for a year after my graduation.
  15. Hello everyone!! My name is Mary and I specialise in 2d animation and graphic design. I'm currently in search of a job.
  16. Looking to collaborate with brands.
  17. Hi again, fellow creatives! Been a while...
  19. We've recently shot a video called Concentration for Edidion on the RED Cinema camera in South East London.
  20. I'm looking for an internship in either journalism, social media marketing or communications!! will send you my CV when needed!
  21. Need to hire mobile app developers to make a custom mobile app?
  22. Looking for a small London-based studio space to rent for the day
  23. Freelance Typesetter Needed
  24. What Is The Working Process Of The MTP kit?