1. Hello I'm looking for part-time remote Job. I have strong managing, communication, and creative skills. open to any crazy ideas.
  2. Crewing up for Film4 short film
  3. Models /Muses for makeup application .
  4. Looking for a 3D character modeler to work on an 6-8min short film with an animator and me. :)
  5. Whats the best way to build an audience for your art?
  6. Join us on our next Postgraduate Visitor Day and find out what our alternative approach to arts education looks like.
  7. Looking for a writer to cover an event in Brighton - 28th July!
  8. My client, Harvard PR, are looking for an Account Manager - can anyone help?
  9. Are there any companies like StoryMix that add writers to their database to write stories?
  10. A heads up for other illustrators. Scam alert.
  11. Is Behance worth it? I have a website but I am curious to know if having Behance helped with getting freelance work?
  12. Looking for directors and creative directors (film and photography)
  13. Looking for a videographer/DoP for a 4-h live recording session at Fiction Studios on July 25 in London. PAID. Contact me for details.
  14. If you are looking for an event / product photographer - send me a message here or on IG @etzfot and lets work together !
  15. If anyone needs a social media manager / assistant or a content creator - get in touch with me !
  16. Looking for a Nottingham-based, up and coming filmmaker
  17. Join us for The Future is Freelance: Building resilience as a self-employed creative on 13 July!
  18. My portfolio!
  19. Any advice for someone from performance and visual arts background trying to get into advertising with no experience?
  20. What do you guys focus on more: The Artwork or the Art Work?
  21. Looking for a full time digital designer to join the design team @ Experian. Drop me a message if interested I can share more about the role
  22. Looking for a new photographer for Monday - Friday job at modelling agency
  23. Learn how to use TikTok to promote your business, gain insider knowledge on the platform's algorithm from one of TikTok’searliest employees.
  24. Is there a photographer who specialises in fashion and portrait photography (mostly realism) who’d like to have an intern for the weekends?