1. Would you like to learn about brand identity design?
  2. Looking for a "BEAUTY" photographer for the 30th September. It will be 4 hours. Lunch provided. Beauty Editorial. Look at image forreference
  3. freelance photographer from Milton Keynes , looking to collaborate with mainly fashion stylist or MUA , hit me up with ideas
  4. Remote Workforce Solutions: Office Beacon
  5. Tramadol and Ultram: The difference and similarities | yellowxanaxbarsforsale.
  6. As a narcotic agonist, Tramadol 50 mg containers go about as a pain killer and ease moderate and serious torment. Like endorphins, it ties t
  7. Anyone know where to look for/ how to go about finding assistant director jobs
  8. Looking to shadow any directors/camera ops and runner opportunities
  9. Looking for an Experience Facilitator and Writer. Check out the role on here:
  10. Looking for animators! If you know anyone who can create amazing lyric videos or visualizers, please send them my way!
  11. The UK’s largest creative workshop happening 1st October, graphic designers if you’re based in London, hmu for a free ticket!
  12. I am freelance writer and copy-editor with web and print publication experience. I am available for writing and content strategy roles.
  13. Looking for someone male identifying to play a role of a beauty vlogger for a new start up video promo! Short PTC in London. PAID: £250
  14. Looking for male models for test shoot - vintage street wear style
  15. Hi everyone! I’m currently looking for a few 3d architects/designers to work with. Dm me for more info…🙌🏽 (interior design based)
  16. Has anyone heard of or took part in the Milano Jewelry Week?
  17. Any advice or websites for recent graduates looking for a creative/ art based job in the UK?
  18. Any London based HMUA’s available to test with some amazing models?💫
  19. Looking for a social media intern to work a few days a week within the UK Fashion & Urban Music Scene for a HUGE Stylist!
  20. Looking for an extra for a music video with a full UK drivers license! (Woman)
  21. Looking for models/stylists to update my portfolio.
  22. In need of a hairstylist, London-based, who would be interested to style two models on a 1950’s shoot 💇🏾‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️
  23. this website is useless. discuss....
  24. Hi I’m looking for an editor for a documentary short. In post production. Would suit students/ those looking to build portfolio.Dm for info