1. Any London or Kent based stylist MUA or Directors want to work on a spec fashion film? I’m a DOP and want to create some spec work.
  2. Have you ever purchased a POD (Print on Demand) or digital product?
  3. Photo & Video Freelance in London
  4. Looking to make a side step as a Product Manager to Product Designer - wondering if what skills I need to demonstrate to land a job role?
  5. I'm a third year Media and Communications student at CCCU and I'm looking for student sponsorship in order to complete my Masters Degree.
  6. Let's Talk Movies!
  7. A space has opened up for me to take on a new client; social media management, PR, content creation, graphic design for social & more
  8. Looking to find a creative job in Manchester, I’m a postgraduate in graphic design illustration
  9. Officially freelance, link to graphic design work here
  10. Anyone looking for accessories/ Bags designer? Based in London and available ASAP
  11. Looking for a model in London
  12. Anyone need help for bags/ accessories design cads, techpacks? I have experiences with sourcing and factories in China.
  13. Anyone looking for a BTS photographer for LFW next month? Would love to photograph some content and can do film or digital
  14. Launching a series of compilation albums to highlight and promote the best undiscovered musical talents. Want to collaborate?
  15. Open to opportunities. Have over 3 years experience in social media marketing and copywriting. Please feel free to message me. Thanks!
  16. Interested in joining a podcast team?
  18. Hello Creatives 👋 I am seeking new freelance opportunities as an Interior Styling/set styling Assistant & Assistant art director,
  19. Sole trader insurance for illness (income protection) etc. Any recommendations on financial planner or company?
  20. A Marketing and Brand Specialist, with over 10 years in the luxury industry - does anyone know anyone looking for freelance support?
  21. My newly designed CV/Resume! Any thoughts shared would be greatly appreciated and if you would like to get in touch, reach out to me!!
  22. **NEW ARTIST FEATURE** Whether Every Tree's Birthday Falls in Spring By: Geyujing Shen
  23. I am an experienced buyer and product developer and I'm looking for a new role! ☺️ Especially interested in hearing from sustainable brands.
  24. Hello Lovely People. As a Senior Industrial Designer I am looking for industrial design recruitment companies in London . Any tips ?