1. Any blogger / photographer available to collab and shoot content on Tuesday in London?
  2. Currently seeking WFH opportunities in marketing or design. I am highly skilled in editorial design and Adobe
  3. Hi! I’m looking for a videographer and digital editor to help develop segments of my new project - Project Trap!
  4. Tax question
  5. Looking for stylist connections!
  6. Give me your opinion about this topic: Why Video Translation is a Must-Have For Healthcare Professionals?
  7. unpaid editing work! I need to build my portfolio and I’d be happy to edit promotional/ music videos or even short films for free
  8. Looking for a roof top venue for music video on Tuesday 31st august. London
  9. Hi everyone, I’d love some constructive feedback for ways to improve using text with my illustrations. See my latest post “vibrate higher”
  10. looking for singers/bands/musicians etc for a project about fashion identity in the music industry!
  11. Story > Everything as a technique to convince the mind to care about any issue, piece of art or advertisement.
  12. Hi everyone!! I’m freelance junior shoes designer, and I’m looking for a job!! If someone help me
  13. Question for employers/ HR: What values, skills or qualifications would you consider irreplaceable?
  14. I love a good plan, and there are a 4 specific plans that will really help you when it comes to running a productive and successful business
  15. Mentoring programmes (London or remote)
  16. model scout in suffolk!
  17. Does anyone have a creative role model that inspires how you live your life and who it is?
  18. My first song release dropped today!!!
  19. Fashion photography student looking to collaborate on a fashion film for a brand/designer/company this fall! (sustainability is a bonus!)
  20. Legit Oxycodone 30mg (Roxicodone)+1(385) 350-3167
  21. Hey, I’m looking for a fitness photographer/videographer with studio access for a TFP shoot with a signed model in September
  22. My Design folio may be a bit mad. Opinions?
  23. Looking for a photographer who could potentially be available last weekend of Sept for a young people's music event.
  24. 2021 Trends in Home Renovation and Interior Design