1. Hey! Looking to find any models wanting test shots/ collaborating on a lil shoot, building up my portfolio. Message mee x
  2. I’m currently studying visual communications at FRA and I really want to be a celebrity stylist does anyone have any advice how to get there
  3. Adjusting Mobile and Saving Sections for Quicker Building in Squarespace 7.1
  4. Any photographer based around Northamptonshire? I'm looking for someone to help me on a shoot. Paid (but restricted budget so small fee)
  5. I am looking for an Interior design/stylist - Internship
  6. any models available to get their makeup done. i’m a makeup artist based in south london looking for fresh faces to work with
  7. Graphic Designer Open to Work 👇
  8. Looking for a model to shoot around Reading (UK) area
  9. are you tired of digital spaces? will people seek more physical spaces for interaction and communication in the future?
  10. Dear creatives , are you looking for tools to help you have less stress and more creativity and flow in 2024? more info below or comment
  11. Does anyone have any YouTube videos that need editing?
  12. Hey, I'm looking to collaborate with a photographer on the 3rd Feb in London for my unique life-drawing event. Feel free to contact me !
  13. Hello :)! I am looking for new projects to work on or shadowing opportunities on film/tv sets. I am a cinematographer at entry level.
  14. Freelancing For Good: Join Our Free Community For Purpose-Driven Freelancers
  15. Thank you everyone this call is now closed! Happy to meet you all. Looking for a female model and a Set designer/Prop Stylist. Paid Job!
  16. Looking for London based photographers, stylists and creatives passionate about working with new face models at Premier Model Management
  19. Hello, is the dots only focused on England? or is it also in Europe?
  20. Hey, I am currently looking for a full-time job in PR/vip/influencers.
  21. Hi People! I have become available! Let's work together! Get in touch now! You can also visit to view my portfolio :)
  22. Looking for purpose-driven freelancers to feature in our blog interview series "In The Spotlight"
  23. I'm looking to get in touch with outdoor brands, in a hope to support them in a design and branding.
  24. Hello everyone, Do you have any advice on where to start looking for graphic design internships? Many thanks