1. Looking to work/collaborate with a Fashion Stylist to update my portfolio? Who would be interested working with me?
  2. New assistant role working in marketing and production for 4 epic travel brands!
  3. (Remote) I'm looking for an experienced Community Manager. Great if you're also a dog lover! 🐕
  4. Hi everyone, who would you say are good digital fabric printers in the UK?
  5. Brand & packaging designer with last minute availability for collaborations/projects/advice
  6. Needing collaborators for Gallery / Art fair Concept supporting people & planet. Many diverse voices needed to inspire and ignite change.
  7. Hey everyone, is anyone looking for a freelance graphic designer. I am fully flexible and available for any design work ☺️
  8. Anyone else getting disheartened by all the "collaboration" posts from people that are actually just asking for free work?
  9. Do any creators on here know how to make filters for social platforms?
  10. Cortexi: The Key to Optimal Ear Health
  12. Film Director Looking for Pop Artists That Would Like to Create A Narrative Music Video
  13. Concession tickets are now available for those with a lower income. Please contact me via email to receive the unique discount code.
  14. New Challenge! - New Story!
  15. Looking for new brands/creatives to collaborate with on my platforms (In Fashion, Lifestyle & Home/Interior Sectors)
  16. CALL OUT: looking for creatives to join TNE digital magazine as we re-launch this summer. Seeking writers and visual artists.
  17. Searching for a London-based makeup and hair artist to collaborate on a photoshoot for portfolio. Looking forward to working together!
  18. Hey, Dots community! Looking for models to collaborate on a photoshoot for my portfolio in London and Brighton xx
  19. Hi I’m looking to start modelling for catalogues and have a portfolio. Please let me know if there is anything.
  20. Looking for musicians to photograph for my portfolio!
  22. Looking for a Photographer- TUESDAY-Short shoot. Expenses paid.
  23. Looking for Creative jobs, marketing, social media etc. any advice on where to apply or sits to use? Been using LinkedIn, indeed.
  24. I’m currently looking for flexible freelance and part-time opportunities in content/social and creative strategy