1. The purpose behind the project is to be "a person of influence" on social media to showcase purely sustainable/eco-friendly, vegan...
  2. Looking for a Pr manager for a professional dancer & content creator
  3. Hi, I'm looking to transfer into the music and entertainment industry. Can someone recommend a good recruiter, please? Thanks
  4. Hey, I am looking for a graphic designer to start asap, to help with graphics for my fashion line, to make posters/flyers etc.
  5. Doing an open call for illustrators at the agency. Sign up to get considered, get portfolio feedback :
  6. Hey, Is there anyone who does social media marketing specifically for photographers/creatives?
  7. I just re-designed my website (portfolio) - appreciate any feedback - happy to return the favour. Thanks in advance Dots family
  8. Looking for videographer, stylist & mua for a project next month.
  9. Looking to work with a freelance marketing manager / content creator / copywriter across 3 interior design brands. Pls get in touch.
  10. This post want to share a simple video, to those who know the ability of our brain in creating everything that each can explain.
  11. Calling all Evening Dress Fashion Designers need dress for GUAP GALA.
  12. Hello Does anyone have any advice on good websites to visit for junior graphic designer jobs?
  13. Just launched a no-code development service on a subscription. Check it out at
  14. Hi everyone, whats the easiest way to make your website secure? I would also like to remove /blog from my URL
  15. How can I get back into Events in the creative field without recent experience, but experience before COVID-19
  16. Professional social media graphics at a very low rate weekly = > £100 for upcoming brands on a budget.
  17. Can you help me merge my Soho Works and The-Dots accounts?
  18. Does anybody know how to merge the The-Dots and Soho Works accounts?
  19. I am a Producer of Creative Marketing, Content and Experience Design. Looking to meet agencies and brands who need my support.
  20. I am looking for a stylist to collaborate on a trip to Italy for 3 different photo projects in September for portfolio building.
  21. Looking for a campaign manager to help with PR and marketing for an album release. Experienced plugging to radio and online publications
  22. Hiya, I am a young upcoming creative in London and i am currently looking for any work in the creative field. 🤍
  23. Looking for a Photographer, Make-up Artist, and Model to collaborate on a test shoot in London - taking place early September
  24. Looking to skill swap with someone in the film industry! (producers, directors, writers who are semi established) Drop me a message!