1. We have had a position made available for a social media assistant needed ASAP.
  2. SLOOW website is now live! ✂️
  3. I'm moving to the Bath/Bristol area next month and looking for creatives to connect with and get to know.
  4. Looking for someone to successfully fulfill your visual ideas?
  5. Any advice for wanting a career in PR? I don't have any official qualifications in PR. I have a degree in drama & 5 years in social media?
  6. If I think of how graphic design it has been changing during the years.
  7. I'm going to be guest speaking at an event soon (I am very excited), but does anyone have any advice?
  8. Searching for a job in Milan, any Leeds?
  9. Collaboration for exciting circular fashion initiative
  10. Hey Beautiful People, I'm currently looking for a PR specialist to support the relaunch of a digital marketing agency I'm working with.
  11. Whats everyones opinions on adding a professional photo of yourself inside your portfolio?
  12. London Fashion Week September 2020 - Can we cover Backstage?
  13. Looking to collaborate! Trying to get more work for my portfolio! DM me on my instagram @minhajtheminsk if you want to collaborate
  14. Could someone review one of my documents and provide their feedback on it? Links are provided in the "Additional Details" section.
  15. Just launched my interior design blog - looking for advice on how to grow my readers beyond my own network + feedback
  16. Instagram launched its TikTok lookalike feature worldwide -Reels! It's almost indistinguishable from its competitor. What are your thoughts?
  17. Influx Infotech have a Team of Professionals in Digital Marketing Services. Our Aim is to give our Clients to their Best Targeting CustomerS
  18. Hi there! Any tips on how to get into the Interior Design sector as a novice? (I am working towards a diploma at the moment) Thanks!
  19. How important is conversation as a freelance creative?
  20. Anyone looking for a freelance copywriter / social media content writer/editor?
  21. Hey looking for a MUA and hair stylist to work on a new brand shoot for the end of August in London.
  22. Experienced makeup artist looking for shoots/clients. No collaborations
  23. Also, can anyone recommend a great job search website or recruiter for event professionals?
  24. Would like some advice on cover letters? I am not that great on them (who isn't?) and would like advice on doing a kick ass c.v!