1. Im creating “tales from The Troubadour” - celebrating the music, artists and lovers of the legendary London Folk Club.
  2. During this surreal time, if anyone would like some HR advice .. give me a shout!
  3. My friend Gemma is a young, female entrepreneur and is so close to setting up her second business! She's close to her target, can you help?
  4. Hi, I’m new to The Dots and wondered what the etiquette is for connecting to people... Do you just click on people who’s work you admire?
  5. Project opportunities
  6. Anyone got the balls to launch a website publication or magazine right now? We'll help you!
  7. Project opportunities
  8. Project opportunity
  9. Men’s stylist for test shooting in London in future.
  10. Anyone know of any career coaches? Looking to change careers and need all the help I can get!
  11. Anyone looking for a motion designer/creative director? If yes, I start to be free from tomorrow!
  12. Open call to all key workers from ethnic minority backgrounds to help on a video project for The United Nations global call to creatives!
  13. Any fashion of beauty photographers looking for digital retouching?
  14. Any know of good online resources on how to write a play?
  15. Calling all freelancers! Are you having problems with the government’s recently announced assistance scheme?
  16. Hope everyone's well out there. Looking for an artist/animator/illustrator to collaborate with on a short animation :)
  18. What are the best online design events that already exist or have emerged recently? @Livetalkfrom is a great example!
  19. How does one handle being asked to design something in a style they have no skill or knowledge in?
  20. HTML and CSS lessons for free! :)
  21. Looking to collaborate with an illustrator or graphic designer to create a logo for a new online beauty publication.
  22. Available for Remote Graphic or Web Design work
  23. Looking to interview Irish creatives for an upcoming publication. *Must have grown up in Ireland.* Please mention what it is you do below.