1. What Is The Working Process Of The MTP kit?
  2. Join our TikTok Scriptwriting Workshop! Creators want skit scripts, learn how to write and monetise them.
  3. To make a bigger impact, you often have to do less - if you were to choose ONE platform to grow over the next 90 days, what'd it be?
  4. "As experts, we often need to take ourselves out of our own head and place ourselves in the head of the people we’re trying to inspire"
  5. I’m looking for a social media manager - please get in touch if you’re good at content creation & social media.
  6. How do you get back into the swing of things after time off?
  7. Looking for MUA+Hair for Fashion Show on Sep 11th in Angel, London. Collab basis with travel expenses covered
  8. CLOSED-Looking for catwalk models for Fashion Show. Sep 11th in Angel, London. Collab basis with travel expenses covered.
  9. Can you buy Farmapram in Mexico and bring it to the US?
  10. Diary Of A Music Manager (Ep. 4) Youtube Video - feedback welcome!
  11. Does anyone have a spare room that they are planning to rent out to another tenant before the 12th of September? 🥹
  12. I have designed and created a new project based on my rescue dog! Please take a look Id love constructive feedback as Id like it to develop
  13. Does anyone know agencies that hire freelancers in marketing or design?
  14. Any black hairstylist in Bristol with cheap rates??
  15. The purpose behind the project is to be "a person of influence" on social media to showcase purely sustainable/eco-friendly, vegan...
  16. Looking for a Pr manager for a professional dancer & content creator
  17. Hi, I'm looking to transfer into the music and entertainment industry. Can someone recommend a good recruiter, please? Thanks
  18. Hey, I am looking for a graphic designer to start asap, to help with graphics for my fashion line, to make posters/flyers etc.
  19. Doing an open call for illustrators at the agency. Sign up to get considered, get portfolio feedback :
  20. Hey, Is there anyone who does social media marketing specifically for photographers/creatives?
  21. I just re-designed my website (portfolio) - appreciate any feedback - happy to return the favour. Thanks in advance Dots family
  22. Looking for videographer, stylist & mua for a project next month.
  23. Looking to work with a freelance marketing manager / content creator / copywriter across 3 interior design brands. Pls get in touch.
  24. This post want to share a simple video, to those who know the ability of our brain in creating everything that each can explain.