1. What's the best way to start a freelance writing/copywriting career?
  2. Hosting event Burak Yeter, 19.10.2023, ADE 2023 in Amsterdam. Who wants to join?
  3. Civil Engineering experienced hire seeking new opportunities within Central London based company. Looking to connect with new professionals
  4. We are thrilled to announce that The Photography Foundation Awards 2023 are OPEN and bigger than ever! πŸ“ΈπŸŽ‰β 
  5. Looking for a student stylist and some aspiring models for a final-year university shoot I'm shooting
  6. Femmes Designers, creative technologist collective for women whose work spans art, science and technology - Launching tomorrow, Thursday 19!
  7. Freelance Senior Project Manager available
  8. Looking for some digital marketing help for an online fashion brand!
  9. Sharing a large compendium of pricing in the creative industry.
  10. Is anyone up for a quick 35mm film shoot in London over the next couple of weeks?
  11. Hey, looking for a young web developer / designer for a creative project - PAID
  12. What key things should you include in your contracts as a freelance web developer?
  13. Hello fellow Dotters, I am in desperate need of a mentor for both Photography and Product design. Ideally I'd like two separate peopl
  14. Would love to find out how to achieve these colours? Was this shot on a film? Thanks for your tips/advice.
  15. I'm looking to collaborate with creatives! Would love to hear if you have any projects in mind and help with photography/videography!
  16. Any retail e.g beauty, fashion, home, London based businesses £15m turnover + looking for a no obligation chat on help with growth plans? 😊
  18. Action On The Side presents ... THE EALING 48 48-hour film competition, 3-5 November 2023
  19. looking for opportunities to shadow or assist any fine artists in LDN :)
  20. What do you value most in a motion graphics portfolio?
  21. Marketing and Admin Assistant for Property Development Startup
  22. Photo/set assistant for studio shooting
  23. Looking for freelance photographers/videographers based in Bali or South Sri Lanka πŸ“·βœŒπŸΌ
  24. πŸ’­ what would life look like if we judged the success of a business based on the positive impact it left on its larger community?
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