1. Does anyone have a recommendation of photo sharing sites?
  2. I did a degree in media and went into charity work for the next decade. Any tips on how I can get back into media? (without experience)
  3. I’m looking for a graduate program in a finance and/or accounting setting at a company for 2-3years +
  4. How would I approach art directors to freelance/collaborate?
  5. The baroque style
  6. I do text translation and proofreading
  7. Any MUA’s interested with collaborating with me and a team on a 90s DANCEHALL fashion editorial this Monday. 9-2pm West London
  8. Looking for Directors to work on spec commercial projects
  9. Hey fellow dot family! I'm currently looking for any video editing projects that you may have and need a professional to bring it to life
  10. Ta Mara's Promise Mental Health Boot Camp Coming Soon!!!
  11. Does anyone know by any chance any great creative funds or grants that are available now to apply please. :)
  12. Looking for residential music studio for a writing-camp
  13. This Week's Weekly Newsletter (The Truth Behind)
  14. Photographers available for collaboration test shoot!!message me on insta Omar_n3mbhard
  15. In need of a cool website designer!! DM me @zaratruman on Instagram
  16. What online course would you suggest to get a boost to my chances to get a job as UI/UX designer?
  17. I am looking for an experienced graphic designer to design me a tech pack for a brand launching in the next few coming months.
  18. Is Ativan Online for seizures?
  19. Urgently looking for Paris 🇫🇷photographers who are interested to shoot a British/African family portrait + individually.
  20. Any keys players interested in performance opportunities?
  21. Sound Designer/Mixer required for 2-3 days
  22. Hey I’m Olivia! A LDN based DoP looking to connect with directors, keen to start shooting some music videos/promos and even spec work.
  23. Advice on career transitioning from education and sourcing internships in film and/or journalism.
  24. Internship opportunity - TikTok content creator & social media