1. Unfortunately, this week my role as Brand Marketing Executive at The Oakman Group was made redundant.
  2. I'm a postgraduate illustration student, any advice on creating my portfolio?
  3. Looking for photographs to collaborate with to update my headshots & model digitals? (Must be London based)
  4. *Paid Opportunity* I am looking for someone to help edit fitness videos for social media use. Please tag any people you suggest below!
  5. Looking for a freelance interior designer to help out with an exciting me at for more info
  6. Hi, Creative. We are looking for Creatives experienced in illustration and prose collaborator for Commonland Mag.
  7. Join a Creative Quest this May (and pay-what-you-feel)
  8. Photographers in London please reach out I am looking to expand my network and collab on fun little projects !!
  9. Latest opportunities for emerging creative talent on the South Coast at my local job agency. #creative #job #opportunities #talent
  10. Hi everyone! Could you please share your knowledge on how to find first photoshoot clients in London?(personal, art and fashion photography)
  11. Hello guys! Will go on sharing my projects here and looking forward for any feedback and likesšŸ«¶ It is very appreciated.
  12. Any creatives looking for studio space to share in London?
  13. Cortexi: The Proven Way to Boost Your Ear Health
  14. Visit:
  15. anyone looking for a fashion/creative portrait photographer? travel between suffolk and London
  16. Get Superior Ear Health with Cortexi
  17. Looking to collaborate with an editor for a short music video. Aiming to send it to film festivals and pitch to platforms like nowness.
  18. Cortexi: The Natural Way to Take Care of Your Ears
  19. A Social Media Marketing Specialists needed to help market
  20. URGENT*** Hello, I am looking for an Interior Illustrator!
  22. Does anyone (whose a photographer/videographer) live in Croatia or travelling there between 23rd-30th June?
  23. What do you think about ā€œreference garmentsā€ that some manufacturers ask to send together with a tech pack?
  24. Freelancing Advice
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