1. First time design own website. Feel free to give some feedback
  2. Looking for a writer - music video release by indie pop band to be published by a London based magazine mid January!
  3. Open call to all freelancers looking to expand our freelance roster in our creative production studio.
  4. Open call to all freelancers, looking to expand our freelance roster our creative production studio!
  5. Hi , I am currently looking for a new job role. If anyone is looking for a creative PA please let me know. :)
  6. Looking for a studio space to expand your creative endeavours in the new year? Look no further new spaces available!
  7. PhD candidate looking for participants for my study
  8. Hi everyone :) I'm a graduate of Leeds Film school, and looking for a way into the industry. What opportunities would you consider?
  9. Looking for a freelance UX/UI designer with experience in designing for mobile web applications. Starting next week 12-13th Dec
  10. Looking for a pattern cutter/machinist.
  11. Looking for people who would like to join my Project! More details in the description
  12. I am looking for a jewelry or bag hardware maker (preferably a student) to help me make 3D metal hardware for a handbag.
  13. Instagram group chats/discord servers for small illustrators/artists
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  15. Hi. I'm a video editor from LDN looking for paid work. Do you have a project you need edited? If you do please do not hesitate messaging me.
  16. Hi, I'm reaching out to get some quotes for an article for Website Builder Expert! We're excited to feature artist websites!
  17. Looking for a runner/BTS Photographer.
  18. Ravilious event at V&A
  19. How Can I Order Xanax online overnight with PayPal
  20. Any advice to gain experience if i am just starting my career as Marketer??
  21. Freelance Pattern Cutter
  22. The Game Awards will be streamed live at my event platform
  23. How can I start earning and get into the design industry whilst studying?