1. Any experienced writers / content creators for luxury beauty and grooming publications looking for paid collab opportunities?
  2. working on an art exhibition project with a popular artist, any brand partnership facilitators in the house?
  3. pree this shot from the F/W mini campaign for CAPPD! shot with absolutely 0 budget and a couple ring lights haha. Best Shot IMO
  4. Looking for a MUA for a test shoot on 14th January.
  5. Hey I am a new graphics designer/illustrator. I would love any feedback on my work. Thank you!
  6. Clothing brand looking for a photographer
  7. Do you want to be paid £25 to be part of a focus group for Coventry Pride, in partnership with Arts Council England?
  8. Here's what's inside our Issue 009: TENDER: Poems by Lehua M. Taitano and @ojo_poems and more!!!
  9. Hello Everyone I have a new instagram@Fashionairforce
  10. Are there any film producers in here?
  11. Any industrial locations where I can shoot ?
  12. What do you prefer... working as Media Photographer or Event Photographer?
  13. Looking for some voluntary Staff Writers for a startup FinTech blog! (Communications, Management, Business related articles)
  14. I'm looking for a full-time Social Media Coordinator to join us at Ezra Coaching!
  15. Hi there! Anyone looking for a freelance social media manager?
  16. Anyone looking for a freelance graphic designer? I’m itching to design something…
  17. Curiosity: why DoP love to ghost aspiring film directors?
  18. Hi there! I am looking for freelance jobs in London and Paris as stylist and brand consultant. I am always curious for new experiences!
  19. All by myself – again… A workshop to help you stay focused, motivated and connected whilst working from home 30 Dec OR 12 Jan - 12.30-1.30pm
  20. Looking to find a software engineer for a web app project, get in touch
  21. Looking for website, UI / UX designers to potentially work with on various projects next year.
  22. ROAR Magazine #11
  23. I am looking for a content marketing executive, with experience in writing great copy Is that you? get in touch 🙂
  24. hey! I'm currently in London and looking for some interesting projects to shoot- I want to do anything fashion/art/product related.