1. Check Out My New Portfolio Site!!
  2. Looking for a fashion designer/pattern cutter to create a few samples for a menswear brand.
  3. Looking for a photographer for an upcoming editorial
  4. Any suggestions to improve my online poetry magazine, Free the Verse? 🍊
  5. Limited Editions and Open Editions in one place with no prices, and sizes. Just "on demand" Is it OK or how to do it better?
  6. healthcare! designing a website forum for support and info for parents of children with SEN. possible subscription service for therapist
  7. What has been your success of the week? We all need to shout about our successes more!
  8. Poetry Submissions are Open! 🍊
  9. What is your morning routine like? Does it start with emails?
  10. Hi all Looking to collaborate with a videographer for a small visual / conversational idea . ( inspired by cut )
  11. Anyone interested in modelling for an upcoming clothing brand “Maragh”? Experience preferred but not necessary.
  12. Hi! i am a live VR art dancer (I paint in virtual reality whilst dancing)
  13. Searching for Ethereal/ fantasy/ bridal fashion/ costume designers!
  14. I'm available for freelance or contract roles across culture, lifestyle and entertainment sectors.
  15. Are you a UX Front End Developer/Designer?
  16. Where would you advertise UX Front End Developer job (6m contract)?
  17. I am looking for a freelance womenswear designer :)
  18. Internship at a Art gallery
  19. You need to work with a partner who knows the ropes ?
  20. Currently looking for internships / jobs in an art gallery
  21. Shared space/studio
  22. Anyone looking for an illustrator, storyboarder or 2D animator as I have just some availability now, give me a shout!
  23. Is anyone aware of a good ethical manufacturer in London to make a sample of a stretch mesh jersey dress? That would cost below £60?
  24. Looking for a videographer To collaborate on some content this Saturday