1. I am looking for an experience digital marketing manager for a full time opportunity in Beirut
  2. Looking for music producers in the dancehall pop space!
  3. Looking for a graphic designer for some Freelance work on Luxury Fashion Brand asap.
  4. AKQA London is looking for a mid-weight producer to join our awesome team!
  5. Helium Balloons Near Me
  6. Im looking for a runner based in Northampton
  7. Drop me a MSG with your showreel/website if you do MOTION GRAPHICS ☺️ great opportunity to work with The Drum and one of the most used app!
  8. Does anyone know any agencies to get freelance jobs during the weekends as an online stylist for .com? Thank you in advace
  9. Freelance seamstress? Hiring east London
  10. Street Style Photographer
  11. The Rococo style "Rococo" Rococo word is from the French word rocaille evolved,
  12. Looking for someone who knows Webflow for a paid freelance project for 5 days.
  13. An opportunity to direct and film a UK RAP/RNB music video in London. This project is ideal for a creative looking to build their portfolio.
  14. Looking for a stylist for music video on 31st August, shoot will be just south of London, small budget but paid-potential x2 days work :)
  15. Instagram Live & Podcast Interview Opportunity #TheClaudesSENLaw
  16. Looking to assist on beauty/fashion & beauty still life sets, shadowing photographer or just sit in Happy to help however needed and unpaid
  17. Really keen to collaborate and create some editorial illustrations if anyone knows of any leads / projects that might be suitable?
  18. I’m looking for a marketing/social media/brand manager (paid work) - please contact me for more info! 😊
  19. Does anyone have a recommendation of photo sharing sites?
  20. I did a degree in media and went into charity work for the next decade. Any tips on how I can get back into media? (without experience)
  21. I’m looking for a graduate program in a finance and/or accounting setting at a company for 2-3years +
  22. How would I approach art directors to freelance/collaborate?
  23. The baroque style
  24. I do text translation and proofreading