1. Does anyone know of any paid writing opportunties for inspirational/motivation writing preferably remote?
  2. We are the only ones who decide our happiness.
  3. Don't make it easy for someone to cut you down.
  4. You made a mistake? You are down on yourself because of it. Don't be! You are human. Forgive yourself and move on.
  5. Doing your best is all that matters.
  6. You can't live your best life and live in fear.
  7. It's all up to you. Just get up and start moving.
  8. Looking for a creative junior marketer for a paid collaboration.
  9. Any directors with upcoming projects looking for an actor please kindly take a look at my reel -
  10. The true definition of beauty is a kind heart.
  11. I have work from home Internet Marketing Program that Trains and pays pays you daily.. If you would like information let me know
  12. Hi im starting a fashion brand and was looking for someone to help turn my stick figures into something more professional?
  13. Looking for new creative projects to collaborate on.
  14. Cult-like allegiance? My story on the strange loyalty to Texas A&M University.
  15. Story on MMA Fighter
  16. Wanna join our exec team? We're looking for a Partnerships & Advertisement Manager to join our team for Issue 02!
  17. I am a creative brand strategist that has been freelancing for the past 6 years and now looking for a full time job.
  18. Hi! I'm looking for a job based in Barcelona or remote as booker, talent manager, casting assistant, artist assistant or writer. Thanks :)
  19. Available to colour correct + grade projects! I have recently worked on a couple short films and music videos, message for reel/portfolio.
  20. Looking for a content creator for a fashion brand to collaborate with. If your interested please send me a message x
  21. Can anyone point me in the direction of any digital marketing roles hiring?
  22. Video/GIF people! Noob question incoming
  23. Seasoned director / editor recently relocated to London looking for freelance work or representation. My reel:
  24. Looking for space to use as artist studio for next 6 months near Trowbridge/Bradford on Avon. Large, light, good access.