1. Any Afro House fans here?
  2. Set Designer And Art Director Needed For An Upcoming Project.
  3. Looking to collaborate with a photographer on a styling shoot / using my wardrobe. If anyone is interested lmk
  4. Who has an exit strategy?
  5. Looking for a London based dancer for a short moving image film
  6. Hi, We are looking for a designer with experience using Joomla for a ticketing website we are building. Let me know if this is you!
  7. Does anyone know a creative videographer in Oslo?
  8. Looking for awesome graphic designers of all levels to join my company roster of talent to work on amazing client projects and briefs with!
  9. Hi, I’m an upcoming model building my portfolio. Available to do shoots both paid and unpaid. Feel free to contact me. Insta @gcd.bky
  10. Less than 21 days to go until applications close for our unique European Fine Art Masters: Art, Society, Nature
  11. Heyy, new here 🙋🏾‍♀️. Is anyone hiring any PAs, creative assistants or assistant designers ? Or want to collab on a project?
  12. Buying Klonopin (Clonazepam) online legally without Prescription
  13. Motion graphics internships?
  14. Are you a small brand or a start up and struggling to find the eco-friendly fabrics with low MOQ and short lead times?
  15. I'm looking for a Social Media Manager for a new hospitality brand - opening 2 venues in Shoreditch. Get in touch via the job ad!
  16. A deep dive into TikTok Spark Ads
  17. Looking for designers, stylists, models and makeup artist to collab in September!
  18. looking for a film/videography/visual production mentor
  19. Hi everyone, I am currently open for new opportunities! Please reach out if you’re looking for new creatives to work with! Thanks in advance
  20. Looking for a MUA to collaberate on a Carnival Themed Studio Shoot. Must be experienced with Black Skin models 13th August London 1pm -5pm
  21. Looking for experience in Camera operating/assisting or any sort of work experience!
  22. Looking for Bristol Creatives👥👥 for this September. The project is the idea of playfulnesses 🎉💡 Excellent idea for your portfolios!!
  23. Someone else's success or failures aren't yours.
  24. If you're a freelancer feeling a little lost right now.