1. Would you like to try Thought Yoga?
  2. Heya everyone, I’m looking for a model to shoot with on the 25th of July for a YouTube video. Preferably 5’7 and above.
  3. Any photographers based in London available on 8th July? Hit me up!
  4. Common shooting techniques used by professional photographers📷
  5. Common shooting techniques used by professional photographers📷
  6. Advice for getting illustration/graphic design jobs as a starter.
  7. Your body will naturally know what it needs to function and may be asking for the best vitamins for body without you realizing already.
  8. What have you done that helped you lose track of time and feel present?
  9. #HIRING Looking for an experienced Seamstress for Manufacturing work with High-End Fashion! Immediate Start & Fully Paid!
  10. I am looking for a graphic designer for a rebrand of an Indie/Rock band please. New logo priority, potentially flyers/business cards :)
  11. Ask me anything! - I am a coach to neurodivergent artists / creatives on unmasking, visibility, creative expansion...
  12. Tips on how to become a speaker at design events?
  13. Looking for an intern of work experience individual to support me on admin and ad-hoc project work.
  14. I am looking for a freelance or part time job opportunity.
  15. Hi all, Wonder if anybody here will be visiting Arles Photography Festival? Would be great to meet up over a coffee/drink in the sun.
  16. I'm a fresh graduate and looking to gain some experience within the events industry. Looking for paid internships or full time jobs!
  17. Hey everyone. I am new to the dots. I am a portrait photographer from Bonn, Germany. I would like to show you my current portfolio
  18. ive set up my first print shop and would love to hear any thoughts. all printed on fuji crystal matt paper 8x10 any support is appreciated
  19. I’m currently looking for a media, advertising or film production company in London / Uk 🇬🇧 to work with a film & video content director
  20. Come work with us on the future of journalism
  22. Freelance Camera Trainee
  23. Would it benefit creative agency HR departments to partner with a visiting mentor to support their talent?
  24. No1. Best Seller