1. Is anyone looking for a freelance paid media manager to run ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn?
  2. Stylist here looking to collab with a photographer, model & MUA on an exciting project to build portfolio. Let me know if you’re interested
  3. Hi! we're hiring a studio coordinator apply to
  4. Lets connect everyone! Here's my Instagram @elijadalier
  5. Looking for a part time social media manager for IG. Must have a passion for wellness (gut health a bonus).
  6. looking for a GenZ Creator to participate in a virtual cultural Conversation with NYC agency sparks & honey on 11 April at 12 noon NY time
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Sasha, I am a retoucher based in London, and I am open to cooperation with photographers, art directors, brands, etc
  9. I am available for any paid Sound Design Job. Please hit me up :) Thank you
  10. Social Media Officer job oppotunity
  11. Freelance Portrait & Documentary Photographer looking for paid work this month
  12. “To make change happen, businesses should invest in diversity, ongoing training and be open to experimenting with new ideas"
  13. Good afternoon creatives I’m looking for a model (size 10) for a collab shoot with a theme of 90s supermodel magazine spreads.
  14. Hi! I am a musician and recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh, looking for any employment opportunities to develop my career.
  15. Looking for a smart and affordable digital marketer to help build interest in a new Campfire programme I've just launched.
  16. Will anyone give me feedback on my new Indie Film Music Scoring Reel?
  17. I’m wondering if there is any web developers who have previously worked with mental health companies?
  18. Are there any creatives or marketing pros with a blog? I'd love to collab with you for a small blog promo.
  19. Hey! Here is a link to my digital Journalitic portfolio, please check it out!
  20. So I've gone ahead and rebranded my production agency to Bonus It's diverse majority owned and managed!
  21. Hi everyone! I'm excited to share the opening of STUDIO 27°. Would be nice to see some of you there.
  22. I am actively in search of a junior/intermediate level role within the creative sector.
  23. Freelancing as an Art director but looking to go back into the workplace. Any advice on how portfolios are been shown in an interview?
  24. Any advice for securing a job in fashion?