1. Looking for a Middleweight Integrated Designer. Remote / Berkshire based.
  2. *FILLED* Looking for a freelance 3D Designer and an Art Director for an experiential pitch. Completely remote, starting ASAP.
  3. Would you be a beta user for my Brand Managing App? Lifetime free membership for a limited time.
  4. Hi, is anyone involved with Bradford 2025 City of Culture? I am interested in doing something heritage/history related.
  5. Looking to connect with freelancers on this platform. I am in marketing, but would love to connect with anyone on their freelance journey.
  6. Any recommendations for freelance video/filming senior advisers for a day in the city? Would need to film and edit. Thanks
  7. Casual drinks event for people who work in tech or want to break into tech! Everyone is welcome, come meet new people and have a drink 🍻🚀
  8. Do i have any Models on here, Birmingham or Manchester based ? looking to connect for some collaborations during September :)
  9. I am looking for some London based freelance video editors to work on various projects, mostly short form/online content. Do get in touch!
  10. Looking for a UK based freelance product photographer with a specialisation in shooting tech/hardware!
  11. Hi Community, I’m looking for some guidance for how to transition into art direction & photography for brands that I love.
  12. What would put you off applying for an in-house creative role? (compared to a similar role at an agency)
  13. Any hair stylists wanting to get into/expand bridal portfolio??
  14. Looking for a stylist/costume person to help dress up a few characters in a music video. In the style of Prince and other stuff. 10th of Sep
  15. how many jobs do you apply for before you just give up?
  16. Mock-up templates versus scamps. What’s your preferred way to present an idea?
  17. I have started a photography account on Instagram. Please feel free to check it out and follow:
  18. Would you want a emblem that was created for your name only?
  19. Buy MTP Kit online for comfortable abortion at home For a safe abortion, order MTP Kit for Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets. Buy MTP Kit
  20. Hello! What bank do you use for business banking? Thanks!
  21. Do you guys think the Numo by digital farm is the good website for digital marketing in Abu Dhabi please share your opinions
  22. Stylists + Hair&MakeUp Artists Wanted (collab)
  23. Neoclassicism In the name of reviving ancient Greek and Roman art, classical art appeared as early as the 17th century in France.
  24. When starting out as an editor and filmmaker for music promo videos how much is a good price to ask for when editing a film?