1. Any passionate and versatile Junior to midweight colourists/ graders available to work across a variety of different film/ video projects?
  2. looking for designer for editorial shoot in London
  3. Anyone know where to go to get professional garment boxes printed?
  4. Hi All, I'm on the hunt for an experienced Graphic Designer as a client of mine. It's for a private VVIP client and they pay extremely well
  5. Hey, I'm Kirsty and I'm a freelance creative retoucher! If anyone has any upcoming projects I'd love the opportunity to work together.
  6. looking for a graphic designer to produce a couple of posters like the one attached.
  7. Fashion Photography student looking for Spring 2022 work placement / Internship that involves Music and/or fashion photography.
  8. Are there any creatives on here who are just kind of starting up (Junior and Entry Level) within their industry? Let's talk
  9. Music Video Director looking for cool artists that want to create a beautiful video! Happy / skilled with working with varying budgets!
  10. Hello! Looking for a Journalist/Writer to write content for our sustainable business based in the UK.
  11. If you are developing a new Immersive Tech product, Join our ACE IT programme and save your budget on your R&D process.
  12. Hello everyone! I have shared another collection of gig photos, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  13. We're looking for a new Communications Co-ordinator
  15. Anyone interested in a over 16s Poetry and paint? Time: this Saturday 4th dec 12-1pm location : Richmix e1 6LA London,England
  16. Hey all, is anyone available to perform at a Saturday night live this weekend 7-10:30pm? At Richmix E1 6LA London, England
  17. Hey Creatives! 🙋‍♀️Have a Question you would like to ask an Accountant? 🤔
  18. Looking for a textile designer who does embroidery // beading please get in touch thanks!
  19. PAID : Looking for a colour grader that uses DAVINCI and is London base to come help me colour correct a music Video for a Client.
  20. 1stAveMachine is looking for a Treatment Researcher to join our team. Please reach out if interested - thanks in advance!
  21. I've worked on some great exhibition projects recently for COP 26 creating 3D Designs and Visuals
  22. Can anyone recommend a colour laser printer?
  23. I updated my website! If anyone is neurodiverse, or has visual impairments, I'd really appreciate feedback.
  24. Need a videographer for tomorrow 1st December! Pleaseeeee