1. Anyone need accounting or taxation services? I’m the accountant and will be happy to help.
  2. Equal Opportunity Monitoring is a scam?
  3. A picture is worth a Thousand words and then some
  4. I will share my earning...
  5. I'm looking for opportunities within the fashion marketing/communication to build on my experience
  6. IMA-HOME is expanding our client services team!
  7. Anyone Looking for a photographer
  8. Hi! Everyone i am looking for Part time work in the fashion industry and would appreciate any jobs to be sent my way please!
  9. trying to get some more connections in the wider creative industry - drop your instagrams below!
  10. Looking for publishers who are interested / specialise in youth, music culture photography?
  11. Looking for freelance graphic design, branding, packaging or illustration work.
  12. I am looking for people to collaborate who are interested in fashion and events.
  13. trying to get some more creative connections - drop your instagrams below 💗
  14. The GoodBadMad Black Friday sale starts today! Get 25% off our red carpet short film screening, with live Q+A and networking!
  15. WIP old project
  16. Looking for a hair / make-up stylist for a half day shoot in Bethnal Green on Friday 2nd December
  17. Looking for a hair / make-up stylist for a half day shoot in Bethnal Green on Friday 2nd December
  18. Anyone in liverpool in need of a photography assistant as I am available to do this free of charge!
  19. Are you a creative looking to join a creative community where you can flourish your business? Look no further! Check us out on IG for more!
  20. Short Film Screening & Networking Night - 9th December - come!
  21. 🎥 Looking for a skilled animator to bring collage art to life for a short 30-second teaser video. Fast turnaround, launching Dec 6!
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  23. Jungle Creations is looking for a Senior Permissions & Rights Exec. please share, apply and forward :)
  24. The home decoration and lighting store in London is looking for presenters for the brand promotion film.