1. Looking for a Design Internship? Get in touch today for an immediate start!
  3. Does anyone still actively blog? If so would love some blog recommendations.
  4. Any advice for UGC creators? I work in marketing and I’m freelancing on the side. I love making reels and short-form content for brands.
  5. Looking for London and Paris-based DPs/cinematographers.
  6. Any stylists out there that can help answer a question for me? Thanks!
  7. Can someone proof me that changing career at 30 years old is possible? I need reassurance atm.
  8. Any advice for new graduated students whose major is Textile Design print to design the first portfolio to apply the job? Thank you so much!
  9. file:///Users/JohannaSeifert/Documents/MEDIENKONZEPTION%202/Trailer/TRAILER/Final_Trailer_Johanna%20Seifert.mp4
  10. file:///Users/JohannaSeifert/Documents/MEDIENKONZEPTION%202/Trailer/Boxen_Johanna%20Seifert.mp4
  11. Looking for a photographer based in Manchester
  12. Hello. If anyone is looking for a freelance advertising creative/art director/designer, I'd be very keen to work with you! :)
  13. would love to join a creative agency as a account executive/manager or project manager! please DM any openings - freelance and full time
  14. Looking for male models for personal project on Saturday 15th April at my studio in east London.
  15. Hi, i' m looking for an experimental musician to work for around 3 minutes video. London Based(preferred).
  16. Can help you with your SM strategies and brand presence online
  17. Looking for exhibition and pop-up/collab opportunities for a new fine jewelry brand in London or NYC this June? Any leads would be great!
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  19. Looking for a ‼️“Beauty Photographer” ‼️for a campaign on the 22nd of April. London Based 🙏
  20. Cortexi Drops may help reduce hearing loss, according to some scientific research.
  21. Like Snouwÿ[e], but need a wider option? — Here is [R]OLT® Maxnouwÿ[e]! Please, reach out to my last project
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  23. Khalif Sultan - Colour Grading Showreel
  24. What would you say is the best way to make it as a professional illustrator?