1. Hi guys, I am looking for residential properties to hire with modern minimalist interior design for lifestyle product photography. Paid
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  3. We are looking to expand our freelance marketer list
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  5. Any recommendations for good recruiters in graphic design?
  7. Anyone know of a host family in Oxford,UK? (URGENT!)
  8. Anyone know of photographers/videographers in Paris that are interested to collab?
  9. How to build your portfolio if you haven’t been creating in a while and where to start?
  10. Looking for a dynamic editor that can edit a 30 second ad. They style would be one with split screens and some moving borders.
  11. American artists or artists with connections to New York wanted for collaboration with well known brand. Illustrators, sculptors, painters..
  12. Hi all, I just released my latest production on YouTube, it would be great if you could watch it!
  13. I am available for freelance gigs in London - PHOTOGRAPHY , VIDEOGRAPHY & VIDEO EDITING - PRESS SHOTS , BRAND CONTENT CREATION , ETC.
  14. UX Design entry job advice/hunt.
  15. I'm producing an event for Black Women, Mixed Black Women & Non Binary individuals working in Film, TV & Theatre
  16. I am looking for a new role! If anyone knows of any vacancies for a graduate print designer, or a paid internship, please let me know!
  17. Anyone tried photojournalism/video journalism with 360 Cameras? Creating a VR experience for viewers to kind of relive history inclusively
  18. How do I gain more paid Graphic design experience? It's been really hard, all I need is work experience. any ideas or suggestions.
  19. Looking for a LDN-based beginner female model (blonde hair size 6-12) for an outdoor clothing brand shoot. Travel, food and drinks paid.
  20. Freelance videographer required for a children's label company (My Nametags)
  21. 👀 Senior PM’s - fancy a new perm role?
  22. We are looking for brands to work with - whether you are a founder starting out, or already up and running and thinking of a rebrand.
  23. If anyone here works within the wedding industry and is a Christian or knows of relevant suppliers in the UK, please reach out to me!
  24. Women In Work - Campaign Collaboration