1. Anyone aware of fashion internships, apprenticeship or placements currently going on based in London or Midlands. 📩
  2. Looking for HMUA for collaboration next week, on the 8th and 9th of March. Here is some inspiration!
  3. Looking for Directors / Musicians for collab
  4. Looking for Berlin or close-Berlin based Hair&Make-up artists for a Horror Short Film! PAID JOB!
  5. Looking for two Scotland based Runners for a two day outdoor shoot in Glencoe March 6-7th
  6. Das Haus | Call for Applications, Discovering: Architecture and Landscape Lab (Online)
  7. Anyone know a photographer in Córdoba, Argentina?
  8. Copywriter Needed! - For Genz x Ebay (experience)
  9. Horror Short Film Fundraising Campaign - Tips, advices, feedback, support?
  10. Looking for models or a couple for a collaboration photoshoot in Bristol.
  11. Looking for an E-Comm photographer with product/packshot experience and a studio in London.
  12. Anyone else find that elements seem to move slightly in Figma when moving between screens in prototyping?
  13. Hello, dear creatives! I have a creative, paid makeup job on the 26 of March. Please message me if interested. Please message me if int
  14. How to network in a new country? (UK)
  15. Hey! I’m a model looking to do a few test shoots in the next couple of weeks, if you’re a photographer and interested please let me know!
  16. Hi there! I’m starting a sustainable fashion brand and wanted to ask if anyone had any advice around raising funds. :)
  17. Does anyone know anywhere that’s good to get fabric scraps/ left overs
  18. Hey guys, Happy to announce my photography website release, check it out!
  19. Hey all! I'm available to mix your tracks with love and care! DM and I'll show you my latest high-end mixes :) Cheers!
  20. Squarespace Web Designer
  21. Hello all, I'm currently looking for a photography/film assistant-based internship in London to fulfil a university course unit.
  22. The Noisy Brain need Contributors & Collaboration. Join the community & help end mental health stigma. . . #mentalhealth #music #wellness
  23. Hey All, My band has recently released our first single titled “Gentleman” 🤵🏻👞 Thoughts ? 👀
  24. does anyone work with Black Magic? pls help, I get an error and I cannot fix it (yes, I tried Youtube already)