1. Monday Moves. Some links and loves from the week!
  2. Free photoshoot giveaway on Instagram!
  3. Film Sound composers?
  4. Boho Journal Youtube Channel - My Creative Outlet
  5. Zurich - fashion job
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm new to this platform and looking to get involved, check out my profile :)
  7. Want to take climate action through your work? Sign up here for more info;
  8. Want to get more involved in Climate Designers? Sign up here;
  9. Want to get involved in Climate Designers UK? Sign up here;
  10. Want to learn more about the ways you can get involved in Climate Designers UK?
  11. Hello! I’m planning a shoot in a studio and I’m looking for a HMUA and stylist. Will send you a mood board if interested. (Day lighting)
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  13. Taking something real and making it 3D for Stills, Video and Ecommerce...who do I get to do that?
  14. Looking for a MUA or hair stylist to do plaits on Saturday 29th at 10:30am in Dalston. £100 fee.
  15. Hi im available for any opportunities to collab networking looking for PR representation, you can view my work houseof_charles
  16. Freelance Illustrator & designer here!
  17. Saying more with less...
  18. Pitch Deck Design Workshop Tickets Available
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  22. Hello world of dots. Help me connect to Taiwanese and/or South East Asian film HODs for art directions, costume and props for upcoming film
  23. How do I organize a film premiere here in the uk. I’m an Actor / Producer. I have a film I want to premiere here
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