1. Looking for freelancing gigs around London, for agencies, startups and companies with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing.
  2. Looking for still-life photographers for an editorial shoot.
  3. Anyone looking for a production coordinator in the next coming month? 👀 Welcoming both freelance and permanent gigs. 🙋🏻‍♀️ 🍃
  4. Any brands looking for help in creating amazing or unique events? Please feel free to get in touch!
  5. Any writers available to collaborate? Message me on Instagram @elijadalier /
  6. Looking to build my creative network - if you are interested in work send me your most recent CV and Portfolio.
  7. Looking for a Design Internship? Get in touch today for an immediate start!
  9. Does anyone still actively blog? If so would love some blog recommendations.
  10. Any advice for UGC creators? I work in marketing and I’m freelancing on the side. I love making reels and short-form content for brands.
  11. Looking for London and Paris-based DPs/cinematographers.
  12. Any stylists out there that can help answer a question for me? Thanks!
  13. Can someone proof me that changing career at 30 years old is possible? I need reassurance atm.
  14. Any advice for new graduated students whose major is Textile Design print to design the first portfolio to apply the job? Thank you so much!
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  17. Looking for a photographer based in Manchester
  18. Hello. If anyone is looking for a freelance advertising creative/art director/designer, I'd be very keen to work with you! :)
  19. would love to join a creative agency as a account executive/manager or project manager! please DM any openings - freelance and full time
  20. Looking for male models for personal project on Saturday 15th April at my studio in east London.
  21. Hi, i' m looking for an experimental musician to work for around 3 minutes video. London Based(preferred).
  22. Can help you with your SM strategies and brand presence online
  23. Looking for exhibition and pop-up/collab opportunities for a new fine jewelry brand in London or NYC this June? Any leads would be great!
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