1. Hello everyone, I’m looking for make up Artists to collaborate for my next project about the Fashion in the 70s on 25 November
  2. Hi, I’m a stylist looking for models, make up artists and photographers to collab with for test shoots. Can be London or Kent based
  3. I’m looking for a job as a roto/ prep artist.
  4. I'm looking for a job with translation from Portuguese to English or from English to Portuguese or Spanish
  5. I’m looking for male models available for an editorial shoot for Tuesday the 23rd November and Friday the 26th November.
  6. Looking for photographers, stylists or anyone that would like to collaborate on a shoot within London
  7. Seeking a Social Media & Community Lead to engage pro creatives like yourselves. Apply now:
  8. Hey all, doing some self-promo, if there is anyone that is looking for a designer, then I am open for work! Website:
  9. Looking for an experienced costume designer or someone knowledgeable about the field for a chat – I'd appreciate some insights and advice!
  10. We currently need someone who can come and record footage from our football matches in South London. The matches are 50 minutes each. DM me
  11. Looking for someone that can make logo's!
  12. It was wonderful to attend the Virtual Studio: Pitch Like a Boss with Sharmadean Reid
  13. We're hiring! Looking for a visual comms designer for Facet, a new image editing tool designed for pro creatives.
  14. Hello� I am looking for a Digital Marketer position in any social media/digital platform. I can work from distance since i live in Cyprus.
  15. what’s the best website fundraising a short film?
  16. New Doctor Who project on my profile...
  17. Modelling agency for people of colour looking to collaborate and work with other creatives, any ideas ??
  18. Hello everybody! Could you have a look at my portfolio and give some feedback please?
  19. Hi guys! I'm currently working as a copywriter at a start-up, but I'm looking for other work part-time
  20. Hi friends, I’ve started working as a freelance writer!
  21. Any Make up Artists and Stylist want to collaborate on 25 November for a project for model agency in London?
  22. Interiors photographers - hit me up.
  23. Operations Director/ Head Of Sales & Marketing for KIT STUDIOS. Must have experience in hair, beauty &/or wellness. Please get in touch.
  24. I’m looking for a WordPress web developer, with SEO experience preferred. Please get in touch. xo