1. Hi! We're looking for a freelance CGI/3d artist with experience working with liquid and motion.
  2. Photographers, videographers, models, MUA's, fashion stylists, set designers, content creators, artistic directors etc - JOIN US
  3. Just published a new project here. Curious about what you think.
  4. Hi everyone. I am currently looking for freelance or full-time work to start in January.
  5. Private Viewing (all welcome!) at Pocko Gallery, Dalston this Thursday 2nd December: My Type of Revolution by Raissa Pardini 🖤
  6. Looking for any advice on Community Management!
  7. I’m a freelance makeup artist in London and looking for collabs with beauty photographers, models and stylists - noemie.ade on Instagram
  8. I'm looking for more experience in Marketing. Would love to discuss with anyone who can help me finally get my foot in the door 🙏🏼
  9. 2022 and beyond - what are your hopes and plans? What do you want to achieve and what changes are you making?
  10. Looking for other creatives to share an office/studio space with my Photography company.
  11. Looking for great talents on web design/ graphic design and marketing strategies work on a exciting project!
  12. Looking for great talents on website design / graphic design and marketing strategies work on a exciting project in the Incubator Programme
  13. Hi,This is Marta, producer and co-founder of Novembre Conscious!We produce photo and video aiming to address clients into a sustainable way!
  14. Looking for an experienced stylist willing to jump on a video/ photographic editorial project on Friday this week. Pm me with portfolios.
  15. Virgil Abloh was inspiration for opening doors on places known to be walls.
  16. Looking for London or Manchester based Camera Op - Must have their own kit
  17. I need a good way to invoice clients. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  18. Does anyone know of any online course to take Photoshop retouch to a real Pro level? Techniques, workflow, etc. Thanks!
  19. Hello! Looking for advice! I would like to connect with Account Managers from Creative agencies. Preferebly junior roles :) Thanx!
  20. Looking for a stylist assistant (full time) in London ASAP. Need to have a fashion background and able to speak English+Portuguese.
  21. Calling all gamers + gamer enthusiasts! The Mix have a new side project, Multi player. Submit a video to be in the chance of winning $250
  22. If you have Instagram, let’s follow each other! @ti_leoni. Send me a DM letting me know u are from The Dots’ community☺️
  23. Food and Lifestyle photographer looking to work with food / drink brands and creative agencies
  24. Hello! Just joined The Dots and would love to connect + receive feedback, nice to meet you :-)