1. Looking for an expert in writing a detailed business plan (ideally with wellness background knowledge but more so business savvy)
  2. Would you like to learn some daily tips & tricks for incorporating the multifaceted aspects of wellness into your life?
  3. Even fish need tenderness
  4. Hi all! Been considering redoing my CV and giving it more personality. Do any of you customise your own CV's?
  5. Are there some Editing jobs remotely? I'm based in Panama and i can work on remote. This is my site
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for graphic design internships or any freelance work. I want to gain more experience and better my skills.
  7. Hello, I'm currently looking to hire: a Social & Digital Marketing Assistant and a Creative Projects Assistant at Forward Slash
  8. DOes anyone know how does it work with sending goods abroad ( UK to EU) and taxes???
  9. Hi ! Intergalactic Studios are looking for a motion graphics animator to start early next week for a project.
  10. Looking to shadow/assist stylists on shoots to gain experience any help would be appreciated !
  11. Hi everyone. Just wanted to post my website! If you need a portraits, behind the scene photos for shoots, I'm available! Link below.
  12. I'm looking at hiring some roles soon for Brainlabs!
  13. How do you usually look for/find a new job?
  14. DECEMBER MASTERMIND SESSION TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! Do you want a safe space to test your project ideas?
  15. I'm looking for a freelance web editor/support - Wix (front end)
  16. looking for a graphic designer to collaborate with me in building a fashion portfolio
  17. I'm looking for videographers and photographers from Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff for a (paid) project, please get in touch!
  18. I don’t think I’m creative/confident enough to do freelance work so I’m struggling to find any jobs that I’m qualified for.
  19. Hi, I have a BA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography but I’m struggling to find jobs that I think I would be good at.
  20. Looking for both a VIDEOGRAPHER and PHOTOGRAPHER to film and take photos at our event - Kadeem Tyrell and other high profiles will be there
  21. Hey Creatives I’m looking for models to shoot a TFP fashion editorial
  22. looking for 4 people who can share their experience with anxiety and creativity. Also needs to be based in London.
  23. HIRING In House Social Media Manager Specialised in Beauty + Wellness community builds
  24. Looking for a MUA to shoot on the 6th December!