1. Looking for 2-3 body positive models for a up styling demo presentation. You will be styled live by celebrity fashion stylist.
  2. Manchester & Midlands based creatives! Let's connect -->
  3. Check out my Behance photography work:
  4. Looking for a freelance GD for overflow work with potential of a ongoing partnership. Initial work is more suited to a junior designer.
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  7. Looking for freelance marketing jobs based in London or remote.
  8. Looking for models for a street style shoot on July 23rd 💕
  9. Looking for a Tailored and Haute Couture Menswear Designers!!! London
  10. If you could use your skills to help push the balance in nature’s favour, what would you do?
  11. Looking for advice from independent recruitment professionals. I'd have some technical questions regarding the job. Thanks in advance!
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  13. Does anyone know about any creative summer internships??
  14. Photographer needed on Sunday the 16th for a magazine editorial publication. (Unpaid)
  15. YRMOS - Fashion Illustrator needed in LDN. Please email portfolios at
  16. Where buy Verified Paypal Accounts.
  17. Looking for models and actors to collaborate on short films with
  18. Looking for established podcast hosts or influencers to help promote a new podcast network, get in touch.
  19. after about a year from when it began, i am releasing IN TURN; RETROGRADE, a no budget documentary about shared experience.
  20. Amazing London studio for hire Great price
  21. Hello everyone! I'm currently on the lookout for new work opportunities.
  22. Magazine Distributor (Paid Opportunity)
  23. Looking for a London-based graphic designer for a collaborative project. Message me for more info.
  24. I am looking for an E-commerce Copywriter to join our expert team of developers, SEO experts, copywriters and designers.