1. Hi, looking for someone to help me with branding & product design.
  2. Video editors I need your help. I want to integrate subtitles into my videos but don’t know how to do it please message me if you know how
  3. Hi dear people! I'm looking for content creators who have experience in posting/editing videos in major social platforms (eg Youtube).
  4. Looking for 2-3 mid-brown/dark skin female models for a makeup look. - Must be based in London, UK - Available ASAP
  5. Looking to connect with models for test shoots
  6. Fashion designers / Illustrators / Photographers / Writers…Head this way…
  7. Anyone needing a Photographer/ Videographer?
  8. I'm looking for a photo curator/project manager/visionary/agent to build an innovative audio visual exhibition with music and book spinoffs.
  9. Anyone need a logo making? :)
  10. Anyone need a content creator for a few freelance TikToks?
  11. We have an internship placement open for video production. Drop me a message if you would like to know more.
  12. Astonishing
  13. Hello, I'm looking for a mentor in the Interior design industry. Anyone that might be interested?
  14. Looking to make short films (on film) Willing to donate my 16mm camera (aaton XTR) and myself for a good script
  15. Anyone wants to recreate this? 90's American, gas station vibes? I'll be the model;)
  16. Looking for individuals who can manage and create context to build up social media platforms for a start up fashion brand.
  17. Anyone looking for a design intern? I’m looking to learn new skills and experiment. I have basic pattern cutting and sewing skills.
  18. Hi, Is anyone looking to collab or in need of an extra hand, I have lots of free time and would love to work on some projects. 😁
  19. Hello, I am a motion designer here in the UK and currently looking for a job. Here is my portfolio.
  20. My background is in Business and Event marketing, I would like to start as a content creator and digital marketer, any advice to start?
  21. Hi, I'm a graduate fashion photographer looking to make some connections in London!
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