1. Testshoot @ Dublin 29th Aug?
  2. Looking for web designer graphic artist to build a website on the Cargo Platform. Portfolio style website including motion and static media.
  3. Hello. I'm looking for a web designer to set-up a Cargo platform website. An online portfolio for static, motion, commerce and fine arts.
  4. Hey 🙌🏻 is anyone searching for some stunning visual or creative graphics? Just dm me ✌🏻 my portfolio:
  5. Call out for Artist with connection to USA for Art project
  6. Is anybody planning to do testimonial/review content marketing here?
  7. Looking for a last minute make-up artist or HMUA for the 2nd of August Tuesday - more information in the description
  8. Hi! Looking for a photographer/ videographer to collaborate on a shoot for an activewear brand. Thanks. Raya X
  9. I am setting up my own talent agency, and require 3 logos to be done. I would love to give this opportunity to someone on this platform!!
  11. Currently working on my website for my photography bookings and portfolio.Any recommendations???
  12. What was the hardest project of your career and why?
  13. Looking for writers, researches and translators around the world for an archival project - please contact me!
  14. Looking for biracial model/actor
  15. Hey! If you’re new to following this digital platform, we talk about all things selfdevelopment, selfcare, wellbeing, creativity!
  16. Are you a beauty writer looking for exposure on a global website?
  17. Hello, my name is Carmelia, I am a Graphic Designer, but I am studying to become a project manager, any help on this new adventure? thanks
  18. Are there any Music producers/ musicians wanting to collaborate with me? I’m very eclectic I love all types of sounds. shoot me a message (:
  19. Looking for a Set Designer ( more information in the description)
  20. Any tips on getting into screenwriting without prior experience?
  21. Need a web designer + Webflow dev to collaborate with on your project?
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  23. Looking for Set Designer & Runner/Assistant (Expenses Paid)
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