1. Urgently need a graphic designer with experience of creating magazines to help with the finishing designs of my magazine.
  2. Looming for designers with collections or pieces for the launch of my upcoming print magazine / uni project
  3. Looking for young people 16-19 to taking part in a free 12 week fashion design/sewing course in London.
  4. Writers/content creators/creatives… would you recommend completing a Masters to gain/strengthen experience/confidence for writing gigs?
  5. 3 spaces available at a free Women’s Creative Networking Breakfast tomorrow in central london
  6. If you can spare 5 mins, I’m looking for any tips to make my modelling portfolio any better?
  7. "Prostadine: A Review of Its Benefits and Side Effects"
  8. Empowering Event Archive
  9. New Project — [R]OLT® Lÿ[e]p — is ready. See in my profile
  10. Buy Verified Binance Accounts Email: WhatsApp: +1 (323) 448-3313 Skype: Usbestsmm Telegram: @Usbestsmm https://usbestso
  11. Ikaria Lean Belly Juice: For your Weight Loss Journey
  12. Buy Google Voice Accounts eputable website (Buyusaaccount). Now maybe the question is how to find a trusted and safe site?
  13. Anyone experienced in drama/fictional script writing? Looking to collaborate on a small film project; “indecision”.
  14. Looking for Directors and Cinematographers to connect with! Drop me a message 😁✌🏻️
  15. 📢 Looking for a middle-aged male actor for a role in a short film See details for more:
  16. Any young Londoners interested in meeting up with other creatives?❣️
  17. Hi, I'm looking for contributors (writers, journalists) to my zine on Greek culture and social issues.
  18. Looking to Launch a website? Name Your Price!
  19. I'm an emerging writer and independent game/narrative designer. I'm looking for people who would be willing to give me crits and feedback.
  20. Lifestyle model
  21. Portfolio feedback
  22. Looking for a Hairstylist- 27th of March - collab magazine editorial- CONTACT ME ON INSTAGRAM @simran_k_01 for more information
  23. I've started a new Newsletter for 2023, 'Five Good Things' - every Friday I share five quality pieces of culture or creative I'm enjoying
  24. Looking to connect with talent agents with database in fashion. Would like to discuss a project - please DM me. Thank you Maria